On the prospects of global average temperature for 2013

Heat waves in Russia in 2010. © NASA

March 23, 2013. So what changes will happen to the global temperature this year? Some experts say 2013 year be the warmest in history and continue the era of the heat wave. Other experts argue that, since 2014, will begin a new ice age. Some believe that in the coming years, the Earth will throw "then hot, then cold."

Let's listen to the opinion of Russian experts. Now, what about the so said a representative of Greenpeace Russia Vladimir Chuprov: "Techno human activity has led to an imbalance, so that extremes of nature is at its historic peak quantity. The average world temperature growing, and, unfortunately, this process is irreversible. "

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However, do not panic!

Russians calms specialist of the Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences Andrei Shmakin: "In everyday life, the future changes for the majority of people will remain elusive. The increase in global average temperature does not mean increasing the temperature in a particular region. "

Source: Meteovesti

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