On the river Sonohta massive fish kills


10.05.11.V estuary Sonohta rybinspektory found massive marine fish. Fry was littered with literally the whole coast and the bottom. Today the picture is slightly different. Night at Rybinsk hydroelectric occurred planned discharge of water.
The picture was so depressing that the head of the urban settlement immediately sounded the alarm. Now there is an active spawning. And predict the consequences of such a state of emergency — is complicated. Sonohta long been popular with local anglers.

"Our township population Sandy walks here with fishing poles. A lot of people walk. When children see such an outrage that a dead fish floats in this there is nothing good, "- said the head of the urban settlement of Sandy Alexander Yashitsev

At a signal from the head of the settlement at once Sonohtu representatives arrived rybinspektsii. Causes of mass mortality of fry — can be very different. But in this case the inspector suggests that this could be due to emergency release to the river hazardous substances. But most importantly, Sonohta flows into the Volga, which means that emissions were in the main waterway of the region.

"We will determine the source of contamination. I turned on the administrative investigation, and we will look for reasons and who is wrong, "- said a senior State Department inspector Yaroslavl interregional Rosrybolovstva Nicholas Pravkin

It is not clear what effect one unauthorized discharge to the environment, not only Sonohty but Volga. In rybinspektsii promised to monitor the situation and report the first results of the investigation by the end of the week. Perhaps, then, we find out that it fell into the river, and who is to blame.

STRC "Yaroslavia"

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