On the surface of Mars once existed pond




RBC. 24.03.2004, Pasadena 3:04:33. On the surface of Mars once existed a standing body of water with salt water. To such conclusion experts of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration USA (NASA) on the basis of data obtained by the rover Opportunity. Earlier, American scientists have found that on the red planet once had water, but then the experts could not tell what it was ponds — above-ground or underground. New data suggest that on the surface of Mars was once a body of water with salt water depth of at least 5 cm

According to representatives of NASA, the space probe Opportunity examined some Martian rocks. The nature of the surface of one of the studied rocks and salt discovery suggests that this stone formed in standing water. "We think Opportunity is now to where previously held coastline salty sea," — said a leading expert mission Steve Skuayers. Meanwhile, scientists can not yet say how great was this body of water, and whether it was a constant education, reports AP.

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