On Titan photographed autumn cloud



Probe "Cassini" photographed on Saturn's moon Titan autumn cloud. This supports the theory that Titan has a change of seasons. Photo published on NASA.

Titan, the largest satellite of Saturn's orbit around the Sun is much slower than the earth, so the change of the seasons is there for seven and a half Earth years. As the photo shows "Cassini" at the south pole of Titan, which is photographed cloud comes autumn, while in the North Pole, on the contrary, approaching spring.

Such circulation of the atmosphere has on the Earth, where the evaporation of water at the equator migrated to the north and south. On Titan melting ice clouds at the north pole is gradually moving to a cooler south pole (the effect of the Hadley cell). Previously, this phenomenon is only predicted by computer models.

What it consists of ice clouds of Titan, is unknown. On the satellite lot of methane, methane is even rivers and lakes, but the composition of the clouds is more complicated. In one version, they are formed from a mixture of organic substances in the form of fine crystals.

Saturn's moons have long interested scientists, as this is one of the places in the solar system where the probability of the existence of life. Titanium, in particular the sole body in the solar system (except the earth) which proved the existence of the liquid on the surface. In addition, Titan — the only moon of the planet with a thick atmosphere.

Nikolay Alexandrov

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