One against all

One against allThe Pentagon and the terrorists started the hunt for the former "fur seals"

Excellent scandal erupted in the United States in connection with the publication of the book stated, the founder of which was made by a Marine who took a particular role in the elimination of "terrorist number one. "His essay entitled" Sophisticated day. The report first-hand about the special operation to eliminate Osama bin Laden, "should be placed on September 11 — the anniversary of the terrorist attacks," Al-Qaeda "in New York and Washington. Even before the book became clear that it creator exposed to mortal danger. Alias "fur seal" was discovered, and now he faces not only criminal prosecution for disclosing hidden information, and the revenge of the terrorists who have promised to destroy it. These days are also there — but was soon disproved — information that the film will shoot from a book by Stephen Spielberg.

Guide books are on the website of Amazon (Friday August 24 memories took first place in the list of the most anticipated books online store. Said in the release that the creator Mark Owen (Mark Owen) — specific participant in the events, one of the first leaked on the third floor of the house where he was found and killed bin Laden, and his eyes followed the last seconds of his life. Readers are promised a detailed account of the operation, also of insider training, "sea lions" and the details have not come across in the press operations. On the cover is the name of a co-author, whom by Kevin Maurer (Kevin Maurer), recognized journalist and creator of several books on U.S. military special operations. stated price of 16.2 dollars (a bit less than 500 rubles). According to the newspaper The New York Times, publishers count on excellent success and has already printed 300 thousand copies.

On the exit of the book, written by a former special forces said last week, the publishing house Dutton — a subsidiary of Penguin. According to them, book "Tell the truth" about the operation. This statement is very intrigued by Pentagon officials, who said that the book had never beheld, despite the duty of at least some of the military that has accessed the hidden disk imaging, put the command aware of the facts that he was going to publish, and fit to donate their works to the censorship test . Representative of the department said that the identity of the creator unknown to them, but it is, but also does not hurt to subject him to criminal prosecution for revealing hidden information.

But incognito was quickly solved. Already on Thursday, August 23 Fox News Channel void sumnyashesya announced the name of the creator which vyznat through their own "numerous sources". From the time that's been around for a number of days by global media publications walks turned into a living target (although he is no stranger) 36-year-old native of Alaska Matt Bissonnette (Matt Bissonnette). While the newspapers in his native land vied talk about childhood and the success of the brave fighter — the pride of the village of Aniak (Aniac), to which you want to ride a day or three deer, a photo of him on your own Web site posted an "al-Qaeda".

On the agency Reuters said the expert of personal security Ivan Coleman (Ivan Kohlmann), according to which on Friday morning "orientation" on Bissonnette signed "dog that killed a sufferer of Sheikh Osama bin Laden" is located on one of the 2- Web sites officially recognized "Al-Qaeda" theirs. A prudent Reuters did not publish the name of the creator of the book, but it was too late — the efforts of Fox News world vyznat name commando. The Agency has consulted with other spices, including with Jeffrey Carr (Jeoffrey Carr), which said that not only the writer himself will become a target for terrorists, and his relatives and former colleagues — if they can somehow keep track of the web.

Once it became clear his real name, for the Marines took seriously the South American media. The Los Angeles Times learned that the after Bissonnette founded his company and, specifically, had worked as a consultant in the development of the computer game "The Medal of Honor: Warfighter" — "Shooting", the place where the act is Afghanistan. He was one of the professionals who have to see to it, that tool and equipment "fighters" were true.

As for his military biography, it is clear that Bissonnet participated in the operation to free the captain of the ship "Maersk Alabama," Richard Phillips (Richard Phillips), a captured Somali pirates in 2009. The fact that the operation "Geronimo", in which bin Laden was killed, three were involved in "fur seals" who took part in the rescue of Captain, The New Yorker magazine reported in August 2011. That's when the material was placed "to catch bin Laden. What came out of that compound in Abbottabad NIGHT MODE", made on the basis of interviews with participants in the preparation and realization of special operations.

Who is the creator of the book and its contents tightly engaged and South American power. Pentagon Sun said he got the manuscript and study it for possible leaks. And as in the past year, Bissonnette retired from the armed forces, the prosecution — if such a need arises — will deal with the Ministry of Justice, which also confirmed that inspects the book. According to the rules of the military establishment, even the retired military personnel and employees must provide before publishing any material that they wish to make public, the Department of Defense to test for public safety hazard. CIA obviously will not remain on the sidelines, as it has a direct bearing on the operation in Pakistan.

Representative of the publisher said that the creator used the services of a former lawyer for covert operations, the expert checked the book on the possibility of leakage of hidden information, but these are not found and ruled that the publication does not pose a risk to national security. But other experts do not share this optimism.

According to NBC News, the mere fact that Bissonnette did not send his book to the military in terms of location, its own case against him for filing a civilian suit. If he was going to divulge classified information, the prosecution could not avoid him. But, according to the views of a former employee of the Ministry of Justice Pat Rowe (Pat Rowan), the government will pursue a man who has promoted kill "terrorist number one" enemy's head and the U.S., but in this case the last Marine to have a ball and decided to give what- so it is quite creepy lurking. In addition, according to the views of the professional, the process in such a case is very delicate undertaking, unnecessary for the government, because the defendant's lawyer will be able to reach many hidden papers, carefully cherished crisp white house and the generals.

The point also is that because of nedavneshnih leaks about the operation "Geronimo" Barack Obama and so is quite a hassle. Matt Bissonnette appeared out of nowhere with his own book exactly after a certain number of days after a group of retired Special Forces and tsereushnikov castigated the South American president, accusing him of being the one that opens the classified information in order to earn a winding up bin Laden points in the presidential race and generally transformed the story into the main point of their own applets. By the way, this is the same ex-military organization sent a letter to the Ministry of Justice, dem
anding that the tribunal immediately forbade the publication of the book Bissonnette.

In the controversy with the veterans whitewashed house came with the introduction of the heavy artillery. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey (Martin Dempsey), said it was wrong to former military to intervene in politics. Those remembered in response to General nedavneshny marketing roller Obama campaign, in which the president used the image of a helicopter "Dark Hawk" and military pilots during combat (movie hinted that Obama's position on whether Mitt Romney, a Republican would not have taken the decision to start operation against bin Laden.)

By the way, because of the clamor raised by Republicans in the spring of this year, Sony had to be moved to December movie on the Elimination of Osama — initially planned to premiere in October, in other words before the presidential election. With this film, too, is not without scandal happened: the Republicans have accused the current administration is that the U.S. Department of Defense unveiled the film director Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Bowley officer's name, planned the operation, which is the hidden information.

Soon after, it became clear on the future of the output book Bissonnette, the newspaper The Daily Mail said that Steven Spielberg is going to make a movie on it and has even met with the creator, but soon denied this information representative of the director. But the mere mention of the name Spielberg produced an amazing effect and only added fuel to this fire.

In short, with its revelations about the everyday life of the menacing Special Forces (part of the proceeds from the sale of the book he is going to give the bereaved families of employees in the performance of special units) last "Seal" is not showed up at the right time, and many utter that in his life right now do not give a damn. On the other hand, his predecessor in this field last Marine Chuck Farrer (Chuck Pfarrer), who resigned from the military 20 years ago, not long ago, allegedly by other people's stories, also wrote a book about the operation "Geronimo" and to this day lives for themselves and live. A gift that incurred the wrath of the Pentagon, who called his story "a lie" (the events in it contradicted the official version of the authorities.)

The story of an unpublished story about the death of bin Laden has an unpredictable end. And unpredictable past, it should be noted. Neuzh then 36-year-old officer, even if he is an idealist three times, did not realize that his story might not like the look very powerful people? Neuzh that journalists are Fox did not give myself to report that by revealing the true name of the creator, it is subjected to death — literally — the threat? And that's not to mention the fact that all these puzzles is the most important question that many people do not give rest and response to which wish to find in the book Bissonnette: Why "terrorist number one" was not taken alive?

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