One bomb Taliban killed 22 NATO trucks

One bomb Taliban destroyed 22 NATO trucksMilitants movement "Taliban" on the night of July 18, were able to kill 22 trucks with supplies and fuel for NATO troops with a single bomb report Associated Press.

As told in the leadership of Samangan province, where the incident occurred, trucks, fuel trucks waited out the night. In the parking lot immediately gathered 10's cars whose drivers are, in the main, were sleeping. The Taliban used on this particular circumstance, and also the lack of protection of the camp.

Militants attached to one of the fuel trucks magnetic mine to have taken a harmless distance, and later brought her into action. In the conditions of a large crowding flame was rapidly spread from one machine to another. Because of the ensuing panic and confusion to extinguish the fire quickly failed.

For the victims and the victims have not been announced.

Trucks and fuel tankers transporting fuel and supplies for NATO troops in Afghanistan from adjacent Uzbekistan.

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