One of the most expensive modern tanks — AMX-56 «Leclerc»

AMX-56 is the main French tank. The main developer of the company «GIAT». In the 80 years of the last century, was created for a change in service already obsolete AMX-30. In a series of tank received in 1992, for 15 years, was created 794 units of "Leclerc". On this day, the creation of AMX-56 is discontinued. 406 units are in service with the French Army, 388 units — in service with the UAE. One of the most expensive in the world of modern tanks, the approximate price of a car — 6,000,000 euros.

One of the most expensive modern tanks - AMX-56 «Leclerc»

This tank was carried out by order of French higher management. Creating a modern machine instructed the company «GIAT Industries». The tank was given the name of the famous general who heads the panzer divisions France during the second World War — Philip Marie de Otkloke. General received the posthumous title of Marshal of the French army. He was called "Leclerc" — nicknamed after the famous 18th century military commander in the French army.

AMX-30 — the main tank of the French Armed Forces. The 70-year significantly out of date. French designers, based on the experience of the creation of the «AMX-30", its modifications, and after analyzing zabugornyh "Leopard", "Merkava" and "Abrams", presented their project «Engin Principal de Combat». This comes against the background of the termination of a joint tank with Germany on the basis of the second "Leopard." It starts with the realization of its own project. Mainly it was a special attention to the system of active protection, which would allow to lower the weight in relieving properties of armor protection.

1986. 6 prototypes were created. A gigantic help in the development of the tank provided the UAE, who are interested in buying these tanks still in the development stage, "Leclerc".
1990. Having the first four units of AMX-56. From now on and begins mass creation of the main tank.
1992. The first batch arrives armed French army. The subsequent two parties in the amount of 17 tanks, swiftly withdrew — were found design flaws. 4 and 5 of the party without problems entering service — have been fixed all known issues. Before the release of the ninth installment of combat vehicles, inclusive, the main emphasis is made to ensure the tanks electrical devices in the set which IUSy tank. All tanks are issues of early upgrade on the standard 9 games.
2004. Producing tenth batch of tanks. They start the latest, the third series of modernization AMX-56. The main innovation — the new IMS tank and armor. In the last game away with a flow assembly 96 units AMX-56. 2007. All tanks "Leclerc" in the armed forces of France were divided into four regiments, each regiment there were 80 tanks on the AMX-56, the other 35 tanks were scattered on other armored units. France's stated need for such tanks up to one thousand units. In addition, 15 "Leclerc" used in the French peacekeeping force in Kosovo. 13 tanks also make the goal of peacekeeping in southern Lebanon.

One of the most expensive modern tanks - AMX-56 «Leclerc»

The arrangement and design
Tank made by the assembly of the traditional type. OS in the front, center and BO MSW in the rear of the tank. Through the introduction of the automatic loader machine crew consists of three people: the commander, gunner and driver. Armor made of multilayer side and frontal housing solutions. Booking feature of the tank — the modular design of armor when the frontal turret and hull solutions. If the damage modules with ceramic elements can be changed just in the field criteria.

Armament AMX-56 — 120 mm smoothbore tool CN-120-26. Length 52 caliber gun — 624 centimeters. The gun is equipped with the charging machine and stabilized in 2 planes. Tower tank modernization has in store for the installation of promising 140 mm guns. Management guided weapons carried by the JMA, which is integrated into the MIS. In the FCS comes:
— sight for the gunner HL60 combined type;
— the commander's panoramic sight HL70 type;
— observation instruments gunner and commander periscope type;
— 2-plane stabilizer of guns;
— avtometeopost;
— "Central" computer, which provides a permanent connection of all components of the system and tip tools for automatic data meteoposta.

One of the most expensive modern tanks - AMX-56 «Leclerc»

MSA allows the vehicle commander in daytime and nighttime criteria to search for objects and data in the gunner's sights. 40 guns ammo ammunition unitary type. 22 units at once are in charge the machine, others are in combat pack drum type op amp. The gunner makes moving ammunition loader machine when needed. Range of standard ammunition — armor-piercing and cumulative, which play a role, and shrapnel ammunition, they are interchangeable with shells of 120 mm guns, "Rheinmetall". Automatic loading guns located at the rear of the tower in a separate compartment, which is equipped with panels. In general, the automaton — a belt-type assembly flow, giving techno ability to create up to 15 gun shots per minute.

MTO tank was V-shaped 8-cylinder diesel engine with multi-fuel type liquid cooling. Engine manufacturer Finnish company «Wartsila», created by the type of V8X 1500 — power 1.5 thousand hp, 2.5 thousand rev / min. Equip a turbocharged engine compressor "Hyperbar" which driven separately executed turbine engine type, and can be operated independently from the head of diesel for generator. In MTO diesel positioned along the longitudinal axis, the engine itself with the box and the cooling is designed as a single unit. Box AMX-56 consists of an automatic 5-speed manual ESM500 hydromechanical type, side rotary devices and brakes. SU substitution of "Hyperbar" because obmyslennogo Stowage and does not take more than an hour of time. Incidentally AMX-56 — the only one in its own way tank with SU "Hyperbar." Turbocharging is performed separately from the turbine, instead of exhaust gas. This allowed the designers to make a tank with the highest traction performance, good fuel economy and the small size of the MTO.

One of the most expensive modern tanks - AMX-56 «Leclerc»

Running "Leclerc" consists of six dual rubber-tyred rollers reference type, such as supporting rollers, idler and stern drive wheel. Suspension — hydropneumatic personal. Its nodes are removed from the hulls, which freed up space in the armored hull and easier maintenance of suspension. Tracked fabric has mesh lantern type, width 63.5 cm, rubber joint executio
n. Rubberized track, with removable rubber boots to navigate the asphalt roadway.

The main features:
— weight — 54.6 tons;
— Length — 688 cm, with the gun forward — 987 cm;
— width — 371 cm;
— Height — 3 meters;
— clearance — 50 cm;
— armor combined (steel-ceramic-Kevlar);
— frontal armor on equivalents of metal armor — 64/120 cm;
— additional armament — Machine gun M2HB-QBC caliber 12.7 mm machine gun 7.62 mm F1;
— speed on the highway — up to 71 km / h on the road — 50 km / h;
— Range — up to 550 km.

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