One of the villages attacked Udmurtia springtails



23.03.11.Zhiteli village Lower Kazmaska Zavyalovsky region of Udmurtia faced with an onslaught of wingless insects that use the road and in the snow, jumping up to 5-10 cm.

Chief Veterinary Office in the Republic reported Wednesday that the insects appeared on the edge of the village in the early weeks and covered an area of 200 square meters. meters.

Veterinarians determined that uninvited guests are from the lower pervichnobeskrylyh insects — springtails.

Such a mass appearance of springtails in Zavyalovsky Udmurtia region observed for the first time.

Meanwhile, as highlighted in the report, such a phenomenon "can occur in any part of the republic, it is not a danger to human health and animal life."

As a rule, the invasion of springtails can be seen in the forest and tundra, when the snow surface there is a lot of black bugs as small as 2-3 mm.

They appear in such large numbers that engage the attention and arouse interest. One square meter can be from 500 to 1,000. Springtails appear in the snow in the first — the second decade of March, vanished in early April, returning to the forest floor, and you can watch them in the morning at eight o'clock, and later in the evening they go back under the snow.

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