One-off hand-made anti-tank Armbrust Germany

Disposable Hand grenade launcher Armbrust production of GermanyRPG «Armbrust» translated from the German language "Crossbow" — private gun infantry units. Main purpose — destruction and the fight against armored vehicles, fortifications and hideouts of the enemy. It was created with the ability to implement in urban criteria. Carried out for the countries — members of NATO. Grenade created in unique designs.
Was adopted, and to this day is for service consisting of several countries in NATO. Design and development of an RPG «Armbrust» company engaged in the Federal Republic of Germany in the late 60's «Messerschmitt Bolkow Blohm». Mass production in Germany and Belgium. Since 1988, the creation of a batch discontinued. Under license manufactured by «Singapore Technologies» in Singapore. In the United States, better known as the grenade launcher RPG «Crossbow».

Composition RPG «Armbrust»
RPG designed as a recoilless rifle. RPG «Armbrust» — this is a starter placed in him by cumulative projectile (in industrial criteria). PU is equipped with a piezoelectric fuze performance. Pipes made of PU plastic compounds in which the following components are arranged:
— charge for throwing a projectile;
— blasting cap;
— two pistons driving offense;
— cumulative projectile;
— "Counterweight".
In the back of the PU closed hermetic lid in front of the shaped-charge projectile launchers closed.
In the center of PU is the charge for throwing a projectile, just between the pistons driving offense. Shell placed in front of the front piston. For the rear piston is "counterweight" — about 5 thousand balls of plastic.
When firing, the gases from the gunpowder cause the pistons — wheel sets cumulative projectile acceleration, rear sets in motion a "counterweight" to provide a longitudinal balance by firing RPGs. When the edges of the piston tube, in particular, they abut projections which prevents propellant gases from the ability to come out. This minimizes the effects of firing RPGs — smoke, flash, thunder.
The design of a single RPG «Armbrust» provided the opportunity to implement it on the premises, with all this back of the RPG should be all of the obstacles at a distance of 80 cm
Bottom tube launchers mounted housing the escapement of plastic, which makes the shot. The housing has shaped front and portable handle. To him connect shoulder rest, pistol grip and a belt to transport RPG. In a figurative position pistol grip, in the folded position, the shutter closes the hook, playing a role in all of this fuse.
In RPG «Armbrust» to execute the shot used piezoelectric trigger action. Clicking on the hook at first descent leads to a cocked, on the liberation of the production at the end of the descent, the drummer takes a blow to the piezoelement. Upon impact, a piezo electric charge is created which comes to elektrokapsyul, which in turn produces the undermining of charge for throwing.
Left PU plastic cover is a folding sight of the red dot, which is the appropriate label for shooting at a distance of 150 meters to a mile. Side amendments applied for distances up to 300 meters.

Disposable Hand grenade launcher Armbrust production of Germany

Modifications RPG «Armbrust»:
— RPG «Armbrust B" — one-time RPG with a cumulative projectile;
— RPG «Armbrust AR" — one-time RPG with shrapnel shell;
— RPG " Armbrust UP »- a one-time RPG with a training projectile;
— RPG «Armbrust SC» — RPG with a detachable barrel 17-mm caliber, the service life a thousand shots.

The main features:
— weight of 6.3 kg;
— length 85 cm;
— width of 12.5 cm;
— height 14 cm;
— caliber 67 mm;
— projectile velocity of 210 m / s;
— effective range of 300 meters;
— maximum distance 1.5 km;
— delivery system — the only shot.

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