One percent of the imported weapons

One percent of imported weaponsIn 2011, the Russian export of arms and military equipment (AME) headed for the level above 10 billion dollars. For the current 2012-th was contracted to supply 12 billion Thanks to our homeland firmly holds second place in the world in terms of sales tools. Such shipments zabugornom countries, not counting the rest, they say about the features and capabilities of our defense industry. Yet, in some areas behind our oboronka which leads to the necessity of purchasing techniques have zabugornyh respective manufacturers. Total procurement of imported weapons orders of magnitude smaller than the total price of export contracts. With all of this on the import of specific data are not available. Thus, the Stockholm Peace Research Institute problems (SIPRI) estimates the Russian arms purchases of 12 million dollars for 2011. With such parameters Our homeland is 82 in the ranking of the importing countries. General Director of "Rosoboronexport" A. Isaykin, in turn, has recently announced the 100-150 million dollars a year, which could raise the country by 30-35 positions in the overall list. One can only speculate about the reasons for such a huge discrepancy in the order of the digits from SIPRI and Isaikina. Perhaps Swedish analysts do not include in their own calculations price amphibious assault ships of the "Mistral", financing the construction of which was divided into several years. So Makar, managing "Rosoboronexport" states are not certain about the numbers on a certain year, but on average.

As we see, even with the highest ratings, total imports of arms and military equipment does not exceed one and a half to two per cent of the export performance. If we consider the percentage, even 150 million a year does not look big sum. In the light of the idea of the leading positions in the defense market of the Russian Federation planets are relatively small purchases of imported military hardware look just like, if I may say so, plugging the holes. Practically speaking, the detailed structure of import completely supports this assumption. Notwithstanding some discussion of unknown content, the vast majority of purchases related to the areas in which Russian defense industry is palpable behind zabugornoy. Look more closely at Russian imports weapons and other military purpose.

First, it is necessary to recall the already mentioned amphibious assault ship "Mistral". Two of the ships are being built by the French shipyards, and two more will be assembled in Russia. Construction and purchase respective documentation in the general difficulties of the Russian Federation will cost about 1.2 billion euros, making it the largest contract the contract for the supply of military equipment zabugornoy. With all of this needs to be reminded that the payment order is not at a time and is broken down into several parts. Namely, that's why the institute SIPRI data does not include funds that rely France for the first two "Mistral" and help in the construction of the third and fourth ships. Go with this new amphibious ships even broken paying significantly increasing total imports.

Not the least known are the contracts for the supply of Israeli unmanned aerial vehicles. The need for such purchases was justified by a series of events of recent years. The fact that the Russian Union of ultra-light UAV sector was in its infancy and did not get the attention of tribute. Instead of devices with a takeoff weight of several kilogram of the USSR created by orders of magnitude more languid machine intelligence at the operational and tactical depth. For this reason, before the collapse of the Union of Russian in our country did not have projects ultralight and light UAVs, and following the collapse of the economic difficulties were not given to deploy the real work in these directions. As a result, several years ago, had to initiate negotiations with Israel for the supply ultra-light reconnaissance vehicles, for example, Bird-Eye or medium Searcher. Russian armed forces should several hundreds of drones of different classes and imports remote-controlled planes should partly cover this need. Soon after the announcement of Russian Ministry of Defence's own plans to buy Israeli technology, activated by Russian industrialists. Not even lose lucrative orders are tightly engaged in the creation of light and medium-sized UAV capable of competing with zabugornom standards.

It can be said that the procurement of imported military hardware except their own direct function (equipping the troops) are used by the Ministry of Defence to the same as an additional incentive for the Russian defense industry. As an example of such policies would be the situation with a sniper weapon. Another 10-15 years ago, it became clear that the SVD sniper rifle is insufficient for certain tasks properties. Because of this, a number of units of the Ministry of Defence, the Interior Ministry and the FSB had to buy zabugornye rifle, for example, made by the Austrian company Steyr. Russian enterprises have responded develop their own designs, such as ORSIS T-5000. With all of this in some cases, buying all sorts of small tools zabugornogo led to the need for the procurement of ammunition. But also in the production of ammunition already showed some progress: Russian cartridge factories do not want to lose the possible orders the next few years and decide to sample the ready to learn new types of ammunition.

It is curious that the Russian aviation industry is able to independently provide almost all the needs of the Russian army and the security forces. For example, overseas zatarivaemsya only light multipurpose aircraft L-410 Czech production. It should be noted that the first aircraft of this type were transferred to another Russian Union 40 years ago. For a number of circumstances in the years to L-410 remained the dominant type in a class of its own. You can also recall a fun fact from the "biography" of aviation plant Let Kurnovice: in 2008 it was bought by Russian holding company UMMC, and at the present time the United Aircraft Company intends to acquire a part of the Czech company.

With engines for aircraft fared a little worse. After the collapse of the Union of Russian in Ukraine remain independent Zaporizhia design office and factory involved in the creation of turbojet and turboprop engines. Now Design Bureau "Progress" and a factory "Motor Sich" engines provide a large share of Russian-made helicopters. Last year, Russian UAC and "Motor Sich" signed an agreement according to which in the coming 5 years Zaporozhye engine builders put in Russia 270 engines of various types. It should be noted that only a portion of these supplies will be used in the assembly of helicopters for the Russian army.

As for weapons and military equipment for the Army, here in the main all limited to the purchase single copies of this or other reference to the study, but there are some exceptions that have come down to the big production. For testing and research has been bought several pieces of Italian wheeled armored vehicles and Freccia Centauro. There are unconfirmed reports of several planned purchases of German-Dutch GTK Boxer. To this day, only one model of Western technology has reached the stage of bulk purchases of Russian army. It is an Italian armored Iveco LMV, manufactured under license under the name "Lynx". In the context of self-propelled equipment purchases also worth remembering wheeled chassis Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant. In recent years, th
ese machines are one of the most important sources of imports of military hardware, as an important part of the Russian-Belarusian international relations.

In general, in the analysis of the situation with the purchase of foreign weapons and military equipment to create memories about the intentions of our Defense is not only to get the modern weapons and equipment, and "shake up" Russian defense industry. Fully understood that most of the purchases abroad due to absence of analogues Russian production so each contract with a foreign manufacturer can be seen as typical hint: "We have no such, but we need it, start the development." But with all this we must not forget that even the most ambitious estimates Our homeland in exchange for purchases abroad is about 100 times smaller than she realizes. This fact is hinted at many things, but first, the ability to provide all their needs by their own forces, even if not immediately.

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