One write, two in mind …

One write, two in mind ...It seems that the quick adoption by both houses of the Federal Assembly of the configurations in the law on rallies will bolshennomu political scandal. This is no exaggeration. It always happens when a very fundamental and necessary it is taken people used not to think about the consequences of their own activities, and simultaneously taking "under the hood" of wanting to please their superiors.

The fact that legislation in this area should be changed, does not cause vibrations. But — here's the big question. No one, even the most avid member of the opposition do not like being around him at home and NIGHT MODE days of wandering crowds obscure people defecate around everything, when his kids are afraid of coming out into the street when the traffic is blocked. And even more so no one wants to get under the "hot hand" cop brutalized by the need to enforce the rule of law. However, the amendments to the legislation which took the deputies of the State Duma and Federation Council members, I can not be attributed to a level adequate. True peer review gave them the Presidential Council for the development of civilian society and human rights. Quote promulgated on days of the document will not. His text with all-observed violations of Russian and international legislation is in the press and on the Web on the Council's website. As a political scientist and psychologist, I wish to add from myself gained legislative outcome is completely disproportionate to the realities of Russian life.

And it is not even the fact that the proposed fines are clearly disproportionate to the property status of the vast majority of the people of the Russian Federation and the government set the lowest wage. The point is, in my opinion, is that someone really appalled not long ago swept across the Russian Federation protest wave. And, in turn, decided to scare the Russians stiff penalties for the role of the police in similar promotions. Made it was absolutely without mindset of our people. Somewhere in Germany, the law is a guide to action. In Russia, where the government and society while live quite separately from each other, so the law is not. Moreover, I see a trend here: the tougher sanctions, the more they will be resisted by the citizens.

I emphasize again: I follower configuration legislation on regulation of public policy interventions. These configurations are overdue. But taking them without a full discussion, without at least a relative majority consensus of political forces, and only votes of one party and a frightening haste — just not safe. Haste is good, as you know, when catching fleas. But not in the formation of the legal field in the country's relations with its citizens.

I think more than that, I'm sure that the configuration in the law on rallies took such specifically due to the fact that they are developed and adopted by any single party — the "United Russia". Vtochnosti the same thing happened a couple of years back, when to take a more resonant law the monetization of benefits. He too literally pressed through the "United Russia" without even thinking to adapt it to Russian conditions, without any outreach in the community. What are the consequences it has caused, all perfectly understandable.

I am convinced that then and at the moment its not a good role was played by the inability of "United Russia" to negotiate with their opponents to go if you need to some compromises. Over its representatives dominates the wording "party power "that demoralizing effect on unprepared to work in the minds of imperative structures. Hence the arrogance and haughtiness, which is present in the conversation "United Russia" with opponents.

It is not so long ago, when he was president, Dmitry Medvedev, he invited the opposition to take part in the work of the municipal institutions, including legislative activities. But her representatives, as I understand, leave all the "round tables" specifically as the "United Russia" is not inclined to resolve issues in dialogue format. She is fond of saying managing this faction in the State Duma, Andrei Vorobyov, "fights" that for one thing, then another. And who is struggling party, has appropriated for itself the epithet of "popular" if you take, for example, law on meetings? With its people? And who can beat party, whose real and not inflated rating of 30-32 percent?

I believe that not so long ago led the "United Russia" Dmitry Medvedev did not read about the case of strongest future staffing configurations. And it's completely true: every game made by people and people as it is updated. It is indisputable law party building. But where is declared configuration? I particularly appreciated that while the case is not even limited to personnel rotation and movement of the same personalities across. And specifically, these people sitting in the lot for the top post almost since its inception, used to party hearty "manger" counteract the development of a series of "United Russia" new people with the freshest ideas and opinion, appropriate to the spirit and needs of the time. So people break through the ranks of the welded radial bail mossy party bureaucrats unrealistic. I know this firsthand. Experienced for themselves.

And there are the laws of resonance, causing confusion and excitement in the community. They are simply "push" through parliament, with most of it and just focusing only on expert judgment "of the court," political scientists, like some Dmitri Orlov which has long been only reads what they want to hear his employers. But the problem is that the Russian society I wish that the decisions were made taking into account the views of opposite polarity, with the dialogue. And now it is no problem of the country.

So far, this problem is not so acute just as the opposition now no strong favorites, behind which would go to the people. Those that sit in the Duma, long conformists. It's just that their role is this: to criticize any party in power supply. Citizens are so used to their constant disturbances that have not many who direct their attention. Support "nesistemschikov" is like trying to deduce from boiled chicken eggs. In this "opposition" is nothing: neither constructive thoughts, neither the team nor the coalition, nor comprehensible applets or concept. She is not even worthy favorites, fortunately for the "United Russia", but unfortunately for the people.

But the main problem is not even in the absence of opposition, and in the absence of a real political force that would work in the interests of the people. And if the "United Russia" does not want to become such a force that all the laws of political science should seem new. By the way, is not necessarily the opposition. While not necessarily. But the more unpopular bills neobmyslennyh Parliament takes, the less likely it leaves the power to hold the authority.

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