Onishchenko proposes to vaccinate children without parental consent


Gennady Onishchenko has vaccinate children without parental consent. Photo: fwnews.ru

05/01/11.Gennady Onishchenko, head of Rospotrebnadzor proposed to restrict the right of parents to refuse vaccinations for their children and make this restriction in the legislative initiative.

According to him, he had already discussed a possible bill to the Children's Rights under the President of the Russian Federation Pavel Astakhov.

— Parents who do not vaccinate their children are committing a crime — said Gennady Onishchenko, the radio station "Echo of Moscow". — Waiver of vaccinations, including for religious reasons is a violation of children's rights. A child under one year can not be a religion.

Onishchenko also said that due to vaccination humanity has managed to completely destroy — smallpox, and many times to reduce mortality from a number of other infectious diseases, and young parents, they say, do not want to understand.

According to Rospotrebnadzor, in Russia every year a growing number of non-vaccination. Most often, parents do not give their kids vaccinated against polio, measles and influenza.

Unfortunately, the health department of the Yaroslavl oblastinam not know the precise number of failures of vaccination on the grounds that each clinic is its filing, and these data are not disclosed separately.

—  I was shocked by the statement Gennady Onishchenko — lamenting Yaroslavl resident Angela Zorin. — Yes, I had to write a rejection of grafts, which caused my daughter a serious illness. We were forced to be vaccinated, not to stand out from the graph, and the child at the time were with health. None of this is not paid attention to the doctors just to execute the plan and report. The main thing is that the effects of influenza vaccination lay on the shoulders of our family, no one else's business.

According to Angela, the children of many of her friends hit the shots, especially in the age of one year. All parents have issued non-vaccination and did not regret.

Recall his daughter Angela Zorina after polio vaccine developed psoriasis (Read: 'Vaccinations have provoked chest babes dangerous disease ").

By the way, is now under the law rossiyskieroditeli have every right to refuse vaccination without any disqualification was — not vaccinated children are required to take and in kindergartens and schools.

Galina Onuchina

Source: KP.RU — Yaroslavl

Ural parents protest against forced vaccination

2.02.2011.Initsiativu chief sanitary doctor they consider a threat to the lives of their children. Parents presented their claims in a letter to the president of Russia.

According to them, the doctor responsible for the delivered vaccine can not be held, and the effects they can have unpredictable. But according to the chief epidemiologist of Yekaterinburg, compulsory vaccination is hardly enter into practice. By law, the citizen himself the right to decide whether or not to put vaccine.

Source: 41 channel Yekaterinburg

Vaccinations cause brain damage

As a result, research scientist from Canada concluded that vaccination should be a total ban, because its whole philosophy is wrong.

Andrew Mould told the truth about vaccines, in an interview with the Vaccine Truth.

By slovam44-letnegouchenogo, my entire adult life was spent in academia in university and clinical research in the field of medicine.

Andrew Mould, a scientist:

— As a result of his many years of research, I came to the conclusion that the vaccine causing disruption of blood flow (ischemia) to the brain and body from clinically undetectable to death. This stroke of direct relevance to us all. And I have reason to believe that vaccines are the cause of the increase of autism and certain types of learning disabilities, attention deficit, memory disorders, sudden infant death syndrome, the syndrome of the Gulf War, dementia, convulsive disorders, certain cancers, and much, much more.

All vaccinations received in infancy and in old age, is causing the same damage to the brain, whether in the form of what disease or disorder which they appear, says Andrew Mould. It is noteworthy that the wild polio, rubella during pregnancy, measles, tetanus, Hispanic, and others, caused the same violation in doprivivochnuyu era. We just did not take into account that the general reaction of the human body, causing paralysis, respiratory failure, and another was associated with non-specific immune response and hemodynamic instability microvasculature.

We have weakened viruses and bacteria, they were brought in all of us and cause chronic diseases and disorders in a weakened form. That is how these pathogens are always harmful. Response of the body to fall into a foreign body, especially in the state of hypersensitivity, causes abnormal development of the nervous system, chronic illness, and more.

Damage from vaccines are purchased and collected with each subsequent vaccination.

Andrew Mould, a scientist:

— Health and well-being can not be imposed by a syringe or a single way for all. Impossible and pointless to inculcate humanity of each infection in the world, since all pathogens cause disorders, disease, and death by the same mechanism. Need to deal with it is by this mechanism, and not to vaccinate everybody from all row.
We can deal with all the germs, we just need to control the nature of the immune response to these pathogens. Vaccines do not eradicate the epidemic. They just replace the "global war" to 1% of the chronic and acute "armed conflict" for all. (By the chronic and acute "armed conflict" is meant the mass vaccination, while only 1% of the population is subject to infections).

The position of the scientist is in flagrant contradiction with the financial interests of the medical and pharmaceutical cartels. However, his evidence he presented to the United States Federal District Court.

Source: homeoint.org.

In April 2009, the swine flu has been fully vaccinated team naval ship U.S. 347, the details in the article. The data were collected through the wives of the ship and reported on the internet radio show sailors: http://www.clipser.com

'Immediately after vaccination seriously ill all but just 14 people, so that in an emergency order of "SOS" was forced to come to the aid of an aircraft carrier. Were planted on the board 16 doctors. Total 50 rescuers were landed by helicopter on the ship vaccinated. 2 people out of 347 sailors died immediately, including the ship's captain and chief officer. These 50 rescuers were then planted in quarantine at the port of Balboa in Spain. 10 employees of the Spanish hospital sick right away. Two of the 50 quarantine rescuers in critical condition. Total of 347 345 person crew survived. All wives of sailors ordered to remain silent. On the aircraft carrier, which assisted 415 people provaktsinirovanomu ship fell with swine flu, and is now on board karantinirovany".

Source: Russian Look

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