Operation Lentil

Operation "Lentil"Born and raised in the Caucasus, Joseph Stalin and Beria were well aware of the primitive communal psychology of mountaineers, with its radial bail and collective responsibility of all kind of sin committed by a member.

Because, and it was decided to eliminate the Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. In the conditions of the war and the need to punish the total desertion, evasion of military service, direct treason and banditry of thousands of Chechens and Ingush — it was the right decision. Justice, which was realized deported peoples and their neighbors.

Rumors of eviction walking in the middle of the Chechens, confirming the conclusions made:

"Soviet power will not forgive us. The Army did not serve in the collective does not work, the front does not help, do not pay taxes, banditry circle. "

Course of the operation

Responsible for the operation of "Lentil" were commissioner GB 2nd rank IA Serov, his assistant commissioners of State Security of the 2nd rank BZ Kobulov, S. H, Kruglov, Colonel-General AN Apollo. Each headed by one of the 4-operative sector, which divided the republic. Personally supervised the operation of Lawrence P. Beria.

For the invasion legend, announced the exercises in the mountainous criteria. Concentration of troops began a month before the operation. Before the operation KGB operative groups held account of the population, including legalized bandits have taken account of 459486 people.

Taking into account the scale of the operation, in addition to the criteria of the mountain, it was decided to deport to, for 8 days. For the first day or three envelop the lower foothills and r-us, kind of mountain communities, just over 300 thousand. In the next day or 4, take the mountain r-us, reaching 150 thousand people.

During the 1st step, the mountain villages were blocked by the military, which had previously been introduced. By the eviction were drawn 6-7 thousand Dagestani 3 thousand Ossetians.

The operation is planned to start the 22-23 and 26-27 to finish in February 1944.

Beria said the government's decision Mollaevu chapter of the CPC, together with him have been identified and collected nine executives of the Chechens and Ingush, who also announced the decision and the reasons prompted him to accept. They were intensely disk imaging contribute in bringing to the public, 40 party members were selected from local, which in 24 districts selected for 2-3 activist to explain the population at local gatherings.

Beria had a conversation with a more influential clerics, who were also more work, through their "channels".

The party and the clergy of the local population had been promised for the assistance in relocation benefits (increased rate permitted to export things).

With 2 nights February 23 localities were cordoned off in certain places in advance and set an ambush patrols. At dawn the men convened at gatherings, where it was announced the deportation decision. In the mountain region's, have not convened gatherings, because of the large dispersion of settlements.

Any operations group of the 1st security officer and a 2-fighter of the NKVD, was to conduct the eviction 4 families. Upon arrival to the house evicted, was searched, was withdrawn and cool firearm, currency, anti-Soviet literature. Head of the family offered to give members of bandit groups and accomplices of the Nazis.

Then people, first ladies malehankih the children, property, loaded on mc and sent under guard to the place of collection. With him were allowed to take food and small farm implements, tools, jewelry, per person allowed to take 100 kg. To farm equipment, feed, large cattle was issued a receipt for the issue on the new place of residence.

All suspicious persons were arrested, tried to resist, escape shot on the spot.

No real resistance was not proud sons of the mountains, obediently went to the assembly points. Isolated cases of flight and asylum have been stopped. In total, during the operation were killed only 50 people. During the operation, was arrested in 2016 man, 20072 items seized guns. Operation over a period of time — a week.

Adjacent to the Chechens and Ingush peoples concerned to the operation of praise.

Much of the focus has been exported to Central Asia — 402 922 people in Kazakhstan, 88,649 in Kyrgyzstan.

In the middle of "black myths" about our history, walks the view that deportation of Chechens and Ingush was accompanied by their mass death, allegedly killed a third to polovily exiles. But, according to the documents of the NKVD — died at the time of transportation, 0.26% of the total, 1,272 people.

Chechens and Ingush (and their families) honestly fulfilled its own debt to total homeland is not subject to repression. They were denied the right to reside in the Caucasus, but they can live in at least some other point of the Union. Also, do not deported Chechen and ingushek, married with persons of other nationalities.

Another myth — Tipo heroism of thugs and their minions, who were able to de hide or run away, and fought with the "Stalinism", almost to the return from exile of the people (under Khrushchev). But it is also heresy, virtually all of the bandits were killed or arrested during the operation.

After the transaction, "Lentil", the level of criminality, on the ground of the former Chi ASSR fell to the level of "quiet" areas.

Chechen-Ingush ASSR was abolished from its structure in the Dagestan ASSR passed 4 districts in the North Ossetian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic — one district, the rest of the area is formed by the Grozny area

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