Operation Zeppelin — an attempt on Stalin

In 1943, a 6 m section of the imperial security management conspired to attack on the Supreme Commander of Joseph Stalin. The plan was simple: the death of this man will inevitably have a negative impact on the actions of the Red Army, and even cause panic among the troops.

Highly classified operation "Zeppelin" was prepared with classic German thoroughness. One intelligence school to find a suitable candidate for the implementation of this action. That was some watered which In May 1942, once in captivity, did not hide any private posts — he served as commander of a company — not your own knowledge about the secrets of the Red Army. In exchange for his loquacity he placed his hopes to get position the mayor. But he was expelled in razvedshkolu taught in secret agent. Immediately picked up and helpmate named Shilov, and on a post — shifrovalschitsu radio operator.

A team of engineers has made a special outfit, of which come in, namely "pantserknakke" — korotkostovolnaya bezotkatka caliber 60 mm, whose cumulative projectiles were able to break through even 45 millimeter armor.

Crepe "pantserknakke" straps on his right hand and was equipped pushbutton starter.

It was assumed that provided all the necessary documents to the agent proberetsya Moscow, hunt down, as the Kremlin will make their own travel to the country next "Packard" Stalin, and smash it to pieces, together with all those who will be inside.

Bike M72

For delivery of a terrorist and his companion to Moscow was prepared bike M 72 Russian production. In conjunction with the "spouses Tavrin" — so they were listed on the documents — have been transported to Moscow specially converted plane "Arado 232", filled 20 wheeled chassis for take-off and landing on unprepared sites.

Transport aircraft Arado Ar-232

To a much smaller saboteurs caught on various patrols Tavrin Politova decided to pass off as a veteran hero, awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Union awarded five orders and 2 medals. For the greater reliability even procured fake numbers "Pravda" and "Izvestia", where the lists of winners, the other in the middle, was listed first captain and later major Tavrin. Made him an identity and front-line staff counterintelligence "Smersh" …

In short, the research, it seems, everything. But operation still failed. Why?
At first, the signal fed underground unrest in occupied Riga. Like, in the studio received weird order. Urgently needed to sew leather coat in the Russian style, but with wide sleeves and immense internal pockets.

Later, at the airport near Riga appeared weird plane. It has become evident that it is prepared … But what exactly? Before the end of this underground movement never found out — at one point NIGHT MODE plane took off and headed for the Moscow.
But the information was acquired rather, to augment air patrol approaches to the capital, lead to overestimation embattled anti-aircraft batteries. On one of these batteries, "Arado" and ran …

I had to sit on the … Pilots forced to roll out a broker bike and headed back home — in the direction of the front. And the terrorists drove toward Moscow. And soon caught the eye of the patrol, the eldest of which was taken aback this mismatch: According to the documents, the bike has to drive about two hundred miles in the pouring rain is, and the passengers it is almost dry …

Such is the story came out.

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