Order mode sovsekretno

Order mode sovsekretno 

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All contracting municipal defense contracts last year the Ministry of Defence have graduated from 99 percent — was not such a long time. MVD and FSB concluded 99.9 percent of all the planned contracts and Rosatom — and 100 percent.

In general, contract — not to carry it out. Yes, and that is made can be considered a real turning point, especially if read about the state defense order. In other years, managed to conclude by December, 70 percent of contracts, and that number is a good indicator.

In the coming year the formation of orders for military use, pricing, financing itself, control the release of the products and their acceptance will undergo significant changes. This should allow to do the job of the defense industry rhythmic.

On this and many other things that specifically related to the implementation of the state defense order and planning 2012 SDO 2013, was discussed at a conference, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister — Chairman of the MIC, Dmitry Rogozin. He noted that the implementation of the state defense order go smoothly can not in principle. According to him need to find ways to streamline the entire process, most from the formation of orders to fulfill their high quality in time. And with all this endeavor to remove all that is bad influences rhythmic work companies.

Should contribute to this New Year recently signed a federal law «On the municipal defense order.»

New, and, perhaps most importantly in this law that for the first time succeeded in creating a pricing mechanism for the production of military purpose.

Foreseen use of 3 different price when placing the order with a single supplier. First cost — approximate, which can be adjusted. Second — the fixed cost. Third — the cost, the offsetting costs. This rule, according to the deputy chairman Oleg Bochkareva MIC, will allow a more flexible approach to the formation of prices depending on the type of contract.

It is worth recalling that particular issue price was the main stumbling block between the Defense Ministry and industry.

Performing defense procurement will be carried out constantly and very aggressively. Beginning in February, as part of the Military-Industrial Commission weekly meeting will be held during the operational implementation of the SDO-2013, and the last Wednesday of every month — enhanced MIC meeting, dedicated to the same SDO again.

A field such control has already started working. Namely, the control of the state corporation «Russian Technologies» conducted a painstaking audit of all their companies. The result was the dismissal of 2-CEOs 6 general director reprimanded, deprived of annual premiums officials of four companies. And all this — for the unsatisfactory performance of the company SDO 2012.

Configuration made to the Code of Administrative Offences, which will penalize individuals for failure to state defense order for 25 thousand rubles, and legal — in a million.

Just last year, failed to comply with government orders 10 companies Ministry of Industry and adjustment carried out defense contracts almost eighty enterprises. This was said Minister of Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov, so that stringent measures are fully justified.

In the coming year in the military-industrial complex of Russia will begin the real technological revolution. And it is connected not only with the future transition to the new technology, but with a very modern test test for our country system GAS-SDO, in other words an automatic state municipal defense order. This is — quite Russian design, with which will be able to quickly identify any gaps in the provision of defense sufficiency of the country and just as promptly formulate specific product under the SDO. Automatic system also will allow real-time to make the control of all the companies performing SDO — municipal and personal, in fact, how the performance of contracts entered into with the state.

Will be kept constant impartial assessment of monetary and technical risks, the state industrial and technological base defense companies. It will be geographically distributed system.

Naturally, all work-GAS SDO goes in the «very secret.» Foreseen allocation of a particular sector, which will allow him to enter the same personal companies who are allowed to work in the areas of defense, in order to determine the needs of the power ministries in those or other products.

Work on sonar-SDO organized with 2 customers — FSO and the Ministry of Industry. Prime contractor — JSC «Control.» Completely automatic defense procurement system should be commissioned in 2014.

Participants of the conference call identified problems that constrain the state defense order execution. One of — their personnel. Technical professionals do not have enough damn, especially literacy. Head of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov said that often in the technical documentation on the basis of those which should be issued or other products of military purpose, contains so many mistakes that it has to be redone almost anew. The question posed to training aggressively and, according to Dmitry Rogozin, it must necessarily be resolved.

In the meantime, our gun in value. Export it last year brought the treasury more than fifteen billion dollars. This was said FSMTC director Alexander Fomin. And it’s reassuring.

Sergei Ptichkin

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