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Oskomov NATORussian military officials began a new round of reform. After the reduction of 70% of the officers and the elimination of military districts on the line — main commands that are already in the near future to convert departments types of troops of General Staff. A commander in chief of department heads will turn into a purely administrative functions. In general, in the office, these plans have not confirmed or denied, rightly noting that no one fully knows where to turn military reform.

The fact that the "main" can be eliminated, it became clear after the source of the "Interfax-AVN" last Friday in response to media reports about the cancellation of the main command of the Navy moved to St. Petersburg said that moving canceled only because the main command no longer instead, it will appear department Navy General Staff.


Defense Ministry rejected plans to move the Main Staff of the Navy from Moscow to St. Petersburg. The headquarters is in Moscow, told RIA "Novosti" a senior source in the Defense Ministry. The reasons for this decision are not reported. But still the headquarters relocation of buildings in the metro "Red Gate". "We discuss several options: either to move it to building General Staff of the street Znamianka or in building Frunze Academy ", — said the representative of the Defense. Previously it was assumed that the Main Staff of the Navy will be located in the Admiralty building, which already had time to beat on the door befitting plate.

For information about the upcoming "redevelopment" in the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the online edition GZT.RU, citing sources in the Defense. According to the newspaper, will be subjected to a similar reorganization and the Air Force, and Land troops. In this case, most likely, all of these structures will move to a known building Glavkomat Army on Frunze Embankment.

If the decision is still to be taken, main commands, and the means and the commanders in chief, will disappear as a class. Battle of the 3 types of forces — the Navy, the Air Force and the Army — will join the four operational-strategic commands (OSK) — "The West" and "East", "South" and "Center". The structure of the Ministry of Defence will then look as follows: The General Staff, who runs with 4 independent of each other armies — USC, and the departments of labor and types of forces, which are supervised by the appropriate administrative level management in most of these USC.

Prior to the current day or Air Force Commander obey all military aircraft of the country, and commander in chief of the Navy — all the fleet. With the transition to the modern structure of each will have its own Air Force, its own Navy, its land troops, and departments of the General Staff will only coordinate their work and stuff fuel and spare parts. Perhaps departments also will provide USC staff and equipment. Rightly submit that command these parts will no longer be commanders in chief, and the commanders of the USC.

Excellent is either bad, says GZT.RU — is an open question, since, on the one hand, every USC will have different operating conditions and different tasks — will cover the western country from NATO, south — from terrorists, and eastern — from the Japanese and Chinese (central, apparently, will help and so, and others.'s why approaches to the formation, acquisition and training must be different. On the other hand, "if tomorrow the war", the four independent heterogeneous structures may simply does not work, as it is was in Chechnya with parts of the Interior Ministry, the Federal Security Service and the Ministry of Defense, often shoot each other for the amusement of the militants.

First vice-president of the Academy of Geopolitical problems in an interview with Konstantin Sivkov GZT.RU believes that the complete withdrawal of the structure of the main commands will not happen. "You can peremenovat main commands in the departments of the General Staff, you can generally call the whole army's General Staff. But there is a certain amount of work, the fulfillment of which requests a certain number of man-hours. And somehow you call these people, but if they will not, then this volume will not be executed. Here, any permutation can not do anything "- gives the publication the words of Constantine Sivkova.

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