OV treatment Martynov of 18.01.2010


Based on the vast amount of material collected by our system data from 1988 and 2011, based on the discoveries made by DG-mathematical sciences. VN Larin of the device and the cycle of life on our planet, and on the basis of the Russian Space Agency, and a number of scientists around the world about the sudden change in composition of the hydrosphere, atmosphere, lithosphere, to change the position of the planet in space.

This was, in part, in an address to the UN independent organization "Scientists Without Borders": "… Disturbing facts about sudden acceleration (more than 500%) of the drift of the north magnetic pole of the Earth since 1990, not only have disastrous consequences for the global climate change, but also show significant changes in the energy processes in the inner and outer core of the Earth ": electric currents and periodic horse race at the level of changes in the movement of the nucleus PERFECT picks the only device in the world — our torsional SHGM SYSTEM-9, which since 2005 year record qualitative and irreversible changes at the core of the planet. Kernel, losing hydrogen, inhibits this geodynamic processes, time, period

Than to lose? When you stop the Earth's core begins dramatic expansion of land at the equatorial belt and the narrowing of the poles! This is a disaster, and this process is actually simultaneous touches and our planet, all countries and continents, especially in Indonesia and Australia. Then, the Americas, Africa, Europe and Russia. All governments, financial groups do not comment on these planetary changes because it does not fit in the realities imposed and irrelevant so-called scientific theories. Therefore, no matter what time of the discussion are no more! process is fairly close to its end, we are now conducting the latest calculations of the possibility of the beginning of the process and are working on options for saving civilization. Interested international financial groups may decide if you wish to participate in the development of the project to save civilization. For this project we consider it necessary to draw on the basis of the collective "nadisa" Roscosmos team and all who finds it necessary to LN Doda, the staff and all E.Postolaty whom it considers necessary. We are ready to take your project all the honest people of all nationalities and all political persuasions! Argue about anything, no time!

On behalf of "nadisa", prof. OV Martynov


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