Overweight and character

After earning extra pounds, we feel more lethargic and sluggish, we begin to doubt their own attractiveness. And the thought of calories eaten depressing …


Why spoil the character overweight? Is it possible to lose weight without suffering from hunger? How to bring back the vitality and good humor? This is what we talked toMariyat Mukhina, a medical acupuncturist candidate of medical sciences and the author more than 40 scientific papers on the author's method of treatment of excess body weight.


— Mariyat why, gaining weight, a person becomes sluggish? Tires wear a extra pounds?

This is not the main reason. Suppose a man weighed 60 pounds, and began to weigh 80 or even 100. However, the amount of blood he remains about the same — 4.5 liters. As he will now be supplying the fabric?

— Probably worse.

— That's right. And there is the so-called steal syndrome. Our body tissues that are more in need of good nutrition — is the nervous tissue. Therefore, in overweight our brain suffers first.

— In what ways?

Disturbed signal transduction at synapses of nerve cells, and thus degraded performance, attention, and memory. A person difficult to concentrate, he reduced the rate of behavioral responses. In a situation where a thin quickly orient, complete a long moment.

By the way, in some countries, the positions that require good reaction, for example, the position of the air traffic controller, do not take people who are overweight.

— This is discrimination!

Yes. But discrimination is justified. Not so long ago, Western scientists have conducted an extensive study — compared Anthayera on the test (a test to determine intelligence) people with normal weight and obese people. It turned out that, indeed, people who are overweight, reduced intelligence.

Moreover, we have shown that adipose tissue is capable of synthesizing estrogen — the female sex hormones. All up to date as premenstrual syndrome affects the woman's mood. Now imagine how to change the mood, if an excess of hormones to act on the psyche of the time.

— Especially in the male psyche …

Excess estrogen makes a full man tearful, whiny, woman-emotional.

— There is a widespread belief that the fat man — he is calm, kind, cheerful. Even the verb describing a set of weights, very positive — "become corpulent." And we'll say that being overweight is not the best way affect the character. How so?

You have described a fairly steady stereotype ingrained in our mentality for a long time. For thousands of years human evolution has been focused on the search for food — proteins, fats, carbohydrates as an energy source. Fed survived, died hungry. There is food — well, no — bad. In such circumstances, overweight was a sign of prosperity, vitality.

Now times have changed. At least in the developed countries, no one goes hungry. On the contrary, the World Health Organization is concerned — obesity starts to take on the nature of the world epidemic. More than 50% of the world population is overweight, and it is dangerous to health. Here and risk of cardiovascular disease, and swelling, and joint problems, and decreased sexual activity, and more. Thus, to date, overweight — is a sign of trouble and frailty. I believe that it is time to change the stereotypes of perception.

— That is a complete person — not good, not fun and not calm?

It is. Where will the fun and tranquility? As we have said, the physiology of obesity leads to the fact that a person becomes sluggish, retarded. Furthermore, it is often not satisfied, the appearance.

— I know many women who are overweight, which is unpleasant to look at myself in the mirror.

Rejection of itself — it is a serious condition. Appears syndrome frustration. Man loses confidence in himself, he has a bad mood, increased anxiety. He lives in constant stress — expect some kind of catastrophe, a tragedy, but in the end, really, is beginning to take wrong decisions, does things that do not match the real situation.

Rejection of themselves reflected in relation to the others. In religion there is a postulate: "You shall love your neighbor as yourself." If a person does not love himself, he can not produce positive emotions at close. Spoil relationships at work, in the family.

— Are you implying that my husband can not leave, because his wife put on weight?

Marriage destroys not overweight wife, although it is believed that men like eyes. Repel aggressive impulses, outbursts of irritation, tears, constant conflicts.

— At work, for such behavior is also not pat on the head!

Now imagine yourself as that is your boss. Therefore, there is an unwritten rule, if possible, not to appoint to positions of obese people. You, for example, can not imagine that the president of a developed country — (where the highest percentage of obesity) — is a person with a high degree of obesity?

— With difficulty.

If we talk about professional activity, overweight as it suggests that a person can not discipline himself. And if he can not control himself — unable to get rid of extra pounds, then he can control other people?

— Mariyat, here we come to the main issue. How to lose weight without damage to their psyche? After dieting spoils the character even more than the extra weight!

You are right, low-calorie diet — a blow to the psyche and stress on the body, in the best case, the weight will come back, and at worst — it can result from bulimia. Any dietitian will tell you that diet can not be monotherapy for obesity.

However, to lose weight permanently and without damage to health, including mental, you can. For this purpose, and has been developed my own methods Golden Eagle ®, and Superserezhka ™, Earring Magic ®, the program "Anti-stress".  

— In the process of losing weight no one suffers from hunger?

No. Firstly, because our technique painful craving for food just disappears. Second, we apply a comfortable diet with a wide variety of dishes. No hunger on it can not appear. In the process of reducing the weight of our patients do not think about food, they feel calm, cheerful and happy.

— If you lose weight, the power of the brain to recover?

By reducing the weight normalized all the intellectual, mental and physical performance.

— Mariyat you so easily disproved the myth that a good man should be a lot of …

A good man should be plenty. But it should not be expressed in the body weight and other characteristics.


Source: Clinic Origiteya

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