Ozersk residents may lose clean water


In early March, to catch small fish could Nanoge hands. Photo: Andrew Smagin

6.04.11.Neladnoe ozerchane suspected in early March. Then, under the pressure of the coming of spring at Lake Big Nanoga melted shore and shoals of fish rushed to the whole polynya — a breath of air.

Rudd, pike, white bream push each other in shallow water. Muzzy, but still alive fishes tails beat the already dead brethren. A happy citizens almost two weeks fishing with a net …

By the situation is similar to an anecdote. However, the authorities Ozersk was no laughing matter: all signs began winter sea. This happens in shallow waters, where they freeze and water oxygen concentration falls. Large Nanoge no luck: the lake is already small, and last year, the water level in it fell to the meter — affected by drought.

— I've done more than 50 water samples at different areas of a large Nanogi, and they are disappointing, — the leading researcher of Southern Urals Biophysics Institute Andrew Smagin. — The oxygen content in the water is less than one milligram per liter, and the fish begin to die at five milligrams. Most stable carp rent at an oxygen concentration less than two milligrams per liter … And that means that the live fish are almost gone!

Of course, dead lake Nanoga Most will not. Spring through the canal here comes a new fish from Irtyash. Impending disaster is not the point.

— Last weekend we did the regular measurements on the lake, — said Andrey Smagin. — And noticed that the coast in the reeds already reeks of rotten fish. Apparently, before death she was looking for a quiet place and scored in the bushes …

When Nanoga rid of the crust of ice on the surface if you do not turn up tons of dead fish that centners, sure Smagin. Therefore, the authorities Ozersk now to prepare for the great work — will have to collect rotten carcasses and monitor water quality. After Nanoga on the channel flows into Lake Irtyash — and this drinking water reservoir for Ozersk.

Points on a map where your measurements oxygen level.


The situation is under control

— The situation — the control of the head of the district Alexander Kalinin. Experts of the Federal Office every day to do measurements of oxygen in water. Its contents do in 2 — 3 times lower than normal. Therefore work to save the fish do not stop until now — told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" spokesman Ozersk city district administration Uksusova Barbara. — Rescuers drilled holes every day and clean the lanes. They come across a dead fish, but there are live. So, the conclusions on the extent of fish kills do prematurely. We have to wait until the snow melts.

Irina Gollan

Komsomolskaya Pravda


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