Passing the test fighter SU-35 tested for use in combat

The newest multi-purpose fighter Su-35 passing in the current state testing, testing on actual combat use, told reporters on Friday, the official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry on the Air Force Col. Vladimir Drik.

In the State Flight Test Center (glycerol), the Defense Ministry Chkalov continuing state tests multifunctional fighter Su-35. According to the flight test program has completed more than 650 flights.

"Currently, the flight-tested with real combat use of the Su-35" — Drik said.

Earlier during state testing pilots glycerol on the Su-35 flights were performed to assess the technical characteristics of the flight, strength, stability and controllability of the aircraft, its engine and a set of on-board equipment.

Also carried out important ground and flight testing to verify the information and control systems, complex communication, navigation and radar systems.

"Trials of the machine are in accordance with the state testing program. Preliminary conclusion on the results of the customer's stage of state joint tests of the Su-35 which gives the right to supply fighter jets flying in part in accordance with the plans of the current year, expected in October this year" — Drik said.

Su-35 fighter will be a major Air Force, he added.

Until the end of this year, the Air Force should get the first six fighters from the Su-35. Until 2020, the Defense Ministry plans to buy about 90 of these advanced fighters.

Su-35 — profoundly modernized super-maneuverable multi-role fighter of "4 + +". It uses fifth-generation technologies that ensure superiority over similar class fighters. The distinctive features of the aircraft are new avionics suite based on digital information control system integrating avionics systems, new radar station (radar) with a phased array with long-range detection of air targets with an increased number of simultaneously tracked and engaged targets, new engines with increased thrust and the rotary thrust vector.

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