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11.07.12.Sotsialny Fund of Kyrgyzstan believes that retired service through bank payment card is more appropriate than a state-owned subsidiaries "Kyrgyzpochtasy." The press-service informs.

According to her, pensioners of the republic's application can switch to a bank payment card "Elkart" and "Alay card." It is noted that the Social Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic has been working within the plan of the Interdepartmental Commission for increasing the share of non-cash payments.

"For corporations, providing regular services, transfer payments through commercial bank accounts will significantly reduce the cost of the reception, storage and transportation of cash. This is an advantage from a single account to pay all fees. One of the objectives of the program is the timely payment of pensions and social security benefits and reduce the costs of their payment, as the Social Fund financing for the payment of pensions and other social payments made mainly through commercial banks in the first of the month. All payment transactions at JSC "RAC" and other commercial banks held by the Social Fund ", — the press-service.

It is reported that at the beginning of June, the CD has 550 000 600 pensioners, of which through subsidiaries "Kyrgyzpochtasy" pensions received 80.1 percent, and by banks — 19.9 percent. "In 2011, for services rendered on pensions SE" Kyrgyzpochtasy "paid 276.8 million soms, and for the maintenance of retirement accounts to banks — 16.8 million. Possible coverage of services through "Elcard" pension recipients in the district and urban centers of the country is about 50,000 people. For a given number of pensioners monthly expenses Social Fund for the service will be 1 million 17.5 thousand soms, while a "Kyrgyzpochtasy" — 2 million 645.5 thousand soms. Transition retirees on pensions through "Elcard" would save 1,628,000 soms per month ", — stressed the press office.

Another reason for the need to transfer pension payments through bank payment cards are called the frequent facts of misuse and theft of pension funds in the branches "Kyrgyzpochtasy." Through CJSC "Interbank Processing Center" written agreement with eight commercial banks ("AyylBank", JSC "EcoIslamicBank", JSC "BTA Bank" JSC "BakayBank", JSC "ZalkarBank", JSC "BankAziya", JSC Kazakhstan "Amanbank" and CJSC "Kyrgyz Investment and Credit Bank"). "Issue and service pension" Elcard "to cash funds in the infrastructure of the bank will be free of charge. In case of loss, theft, damage, loss of PIN payment for the re-release "Elcard" for seniors is not provided. Specifically for this project, commercial banks have expressed willingness to provide pensioners on deposit interest rates higher than the average market price. This means that on the balance of the account of the pensioner will receive 5 percent per annum, "- added in the press-service.

"As the use of ATMs and debit cards for pensioners unusual, for a smooth transition to this type of service, the bank will have raised awareness through advertising campaigns. Booklets will be provided "Terms plastic card", directly at the place of funds will provide advice and practical assistance. In addition, pensioners will be able to call the call-center banks and get more advice, "- said in a statement.


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