Peru found dozens of mummies Indian




Dozens of extremely well-preserved Inca mummies were unearthed on a hillside on the outskirts of Lima — Peru's capital. Scientists have discovered the remains of 40 people — their number is increasing with each passing day of excavation. All the mummies over 500 years old, and apparently were made during the heyday of the empire of the Incas.

Artifacts found near the mummies, give reason to believe that there were buried members of the middle class. Judging from the left in the graves of the subjects, they were producing tissues. Next to them, the scientists found the remains of red corn, black beans and pumpkin vessels for drinking — these findings point to the commission predpogrebalnyh rituals. They do not exclude the possibility that all the graves belonged to one big family, that is, were relatives of each other.

Battery News, 18.03.2004 15:27

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