Peruvian volcano triggered hundreds of earthquakes

February 27, 2013. Vulcan Sabankayya, located in southern Peru, 99 km from the city Arequipa, their eruptions caused several hundreds of aftershocks in just two days. In addition, the crater of the volcano can be seen impressive thickness of ash column height of about 100 meters.

According to the calculations of weather forecasters, at the hour of the volcano came about 20 aftershocks. During the two days of observation 22 and 23 February intensify Sabankayya produced about 536 mini-earthquakes. This sudden and high seismic activity prompted local authorities to evacuate residents in the valley of the volcano Peruvians.

Next to Sabankayey currently home to about a thousand people. Some of them have started to evacuate on their own after being hit in the settlements of the first houses. In one day, Feb. 22 earthquake destroyed about 80 village houses. The nearest major population center is considered, the Arequipa, recently hit by floods. The city declared a "yellow" code of danger.

Volcano Sabankayya height of 6 km seriously erupted already about decades. But around February 15, at the summit of the volcano began to appear the first signs of oil smoke, and it was followed by several aftershocks. A similar scenario eruption was in 1986, prior to which Sabankayya was speechless about 200 years.


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