Petersburg blackout: The right bank of the Neva remained without electricity


Today, November 1, at 10.40, there was a disconnection from the power houses, buildings, social, medical, educational, and administrative offices in the district in Malaya Okhta Krasnogvardejskiy area, the correspondent of IA REGNUMso reference to the press service of the Smolny.
Cause of the trip — the failure of three underground feeder (lines — approx. IA REGNUM). At the moment the switch is determined by the injury and the cable line. Works to eliminate the accident being members of "Lenenergo".

By fall off the building blocks in Malaya Okhta number 25, 24, 27, 30, 28, 29, 31, 36, 32 and 23 (St. Shaumyana Zanevsky Avenue Riga Street., Tallinn st. St. Stakhanovtsev, Novocherkassk pr ., Kazan street. and Granite Street.).

Tentative Timeline crash for 3 hours.


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