Photos of critters




"I offer you a photo with the so-called Critter. Pay attention to the fact that the photographs are taken at different times (in 2 different years), different people, different cameras (Kodak soap holders and conic), respectively, for different films, printed photo paper at different points in different printing. was only one common point: All the frames were made by one place. Namely, country garden house. Ignore, by the way, focus on doltishness stories :), went to celebrate different holidays, both at home doing small repair.

Anticipating Comment doubters, I hasten to say at once: the presence of smoke and hanging in front of the lens while taking pictures of objects EXCLUDED by 100%. Naturally, all the strange objects in the time of photography were not visible to the eye, became apparent only after printing.

"I can still only add that neither I nor friends, nothing abnormal in this place did not notice. Draws attention only to the fact that my dog, which we used to go there they took with them, it felt restless at home and in some rooms come categorically refused, often unjustly barking at nothing. Though "pustolaykoy" was never. But much importance to this fact did not give. "

"In any case, I will describe the terrain. This Southern Urals, 300 km from the Ural Mountains (very old mountain range, one of the oldest on Earth, tectonic activity is zero), not even the foothills else plain. 1 km to the north of a large lake, a 1 km to the south — a huge dense forest. no particularly remarkable history of these places do not have, except that a long time ago around here somewhere (within 50 km) people were digging mines Demidov.'s all, perhaps … As for the devices. Magnetometer and geological map of the area and never had never seen, but the monitor is, check the soil and general background in the house and land. background is normal everywhere. "





























Submitted by: Vitaly 23.03.2004

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