PIK reactor complex is prepared to provide energy start-up

At the construction site of the research reactor complex PIC SIC CI FGBU "PIYaF" which is being built on the territory of the "St. Petersburg Institute of Nuclear Physics" in Gatchina, Leningrad region is complex commissioning works carried out during the preparation and conduct of the individual tests of the reactor.

These studies are an important step in the preparation of the PIK reactor to provide energy start-up and development of the design capacity of 100 megawatts. With the release of a nuclear research reactor at full capacity the Russian and foreign scientists will have a powerful tool for basic and applied interdisciplinary problems in physics, chemistry, biology, medicine using neutron radiation, neutron flux density in excess of their foreign counterparts.

Currently completed the commissioning of the new panels low-voltage distribution network on the block reactor, power distribution panels 220/380 venttsentra.

In the laboratory of neutron research done adjusting the automatic fire alarm and automatic fire. Commissioning is underway sections reliable power supply, the control cabinet of operating current (SHUOT) buildings RDES, ECR.

The building LRW works on commissioning of the electrical heating unit and a modular package transformer substations (MITS).

During the work on the transformer substation-58A carried out commissioning of the system of communication.

Work on setting up technology and electrical systems and special systems and process control reactor complex pic is of "Titanenergonaladka."

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