Plates on the Dalnegorsk





UFO again on frequent coastal "north". At the end of last year, a resident of Dalnegorsk Alexei Kolesnikov was traveling with relatives of Spassk home. At 3 am in the area of the pass in the Crimson Chuguyivske area he and his passengers noticed a strange glowing object at a distance of about 1 km from the car …

The object in the form of a truncated triangle with the "flasher" (which offered flashes of light in a second) began to approach the car. He then changed course and headed toward the bustling section. Another UFO at the same time flew toward the lower section Meadows.

Already at the beginning of this year in item Ore Dock Dalnegorsky district watchkeeping crew members of tanker "Fokino" also witnessed the UFO flight. The facility was also provided with a "flasher".

Another incident. Residents Street. Take-off item in Kavalerovo 9:00 pm saw a flying saucer in the sky with 4 luminous "windows." The owner of a house just went out to smoke outside. Seeing UFOs, called his wife and teenage son, they snatched the binoculars. The whole family watched 15 minutes of the movements of the strange object.


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