Poland has developed a new NAVY HELICOPTER

Poland has developed a new NAVY HELICOPTER
Polish company PZL-Swidnik (a subsidiary of AgustaWestland) began development of a naval multi-purpose helicopter W-3PL / N. As reported on the company’s website, the latest machinery in the base lies a land multipurpose helicopter W-3PL Gluszec («Capercaillie»).
According to the press service of the PZL-Swidnik, to work on the W-3PL / N will also consider the experience of creation of marine search and rescue helicopter W-3RM Anakonda. Assist in the development of the new helicopter will spice Polish employees of the Italian AgustaWestland.
As expected, W-3PL / N will develop a radar, sonar and infrared sensor with a set of sonar buoys. Rotor helicopter will make a convertible. Armed with W-3PL / N will stand missile air-to-surface, torpedoes and machine guns. Use implied in antisubmarine helicopter and other military operations, and to perform transport and search and rescue missions.
Aircraft performance properties of W-3PL / N is not specified. W-3PL Gluszec, in turn, can reach speeds of up to 260 kilometers per hour and climbing to 734 km. Payload helicopter allows you to carry up to 10 paratroopers.
First reported in 2012 order to supply the Ministry of Defence of Poland 5 multipurpose helicopters W-3WA Sokol and modernization of another 14 machines to version W-3PL Gluszec. In total modernization programm anticipates completion 32 helicopters, which should be completed in 2013-2014.

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