Posted plan surrogacy Ukraines accession to NATO

Published a plan of surrogacy Ukraine's accession to NATOA group of military and political professionals close to the presidential administration of Ukraine, published in the influential liberal Kiev weekly "Mirror of the Week" phased plan of modernization of the Armed Forces of the country until 2020. In the era of the "new modern", they believe that the army should start malehankih, modern, mobile — and under the roof of NATO, which is a substitute for a formal blocs Ukraine should become a more active role in international military missions abroad.

Specialists state impossibility Sun Ukraine actually protect the government. Funding for the Army went on leftovers in small volumes on their way to a greater extent on personnel. It turned frisky deteriorating condition of aircraft weapons, the decline battle training, deprofessionalization their commanders, and the accumulation of social problems, etc.

Now the government has 200000th Armed with a large and dilapidated infrastructure, a mass of institutions, companies, supplies, military equipment, also with arms and military equipment, almost all of the main types of which are to the end of 2011-2012 to be inapplicable to use. No modern system of air and ground reconnaissance, control, digital communication, navigation and high-precision land, sea and air weapons. Military authorities, and units are not trained. Sun does not have the necessary supplies.

Proclamation of Ukraine's non-bloc policy does not rule out an appeal for help from other countries and blocs crisis increases the possibility of war

Armed with anger as a result of which the anti- Ukraine could start a war, is unlikely. This makes for very little in the Ukraine 4-5 years strategic pause, during which it is possible to carry out a military reform.

But we should not rule out the possibility of danger at the time of the armed conflict on the border of Ukraine as a result of advances in the state of territorial claims (Romania), activation of the "frozen" conflicts (Transnistria), or outside the inner impermanence provoked by the state, ethnic or religious grounds (Crimea).

Hardly anyone dares for an all-out war against Ukraine — It threatens the adjacent EU and Russia are very severe environmental, economic and demographic consequences. More information and possible long ideological war, surgical strikes on Fri governance and slide into regional wars.

In Ukraine, the military reform will coincide in time with the other reforms — public administration, the judiciary, criminal justice, economics, social, educational, health care, etc. Therefore reform should be systematic.

The main objectives of the military reform would be appropriate for:

— creation of efficient, mobile, the number of small arms and the number of personnel of the Armed Forces

— the introduction of a modern system of mobilization taking into account the features of the latest armed conflict

— the implementation of the latest economical policy of defense, adequate capabilities and threats

The primary main objectives of the sun for the last time, it makes sense to consider:

— Performance of combat duty in air defense and cover the principal municipal facilities;

— Localization and liquidation of probable border armed conflict;

— Role in international efforts to maintain peace and security.

It is proposed that the military reform in a period of 9 years (from 2012 to 2020) in three steps. On her first (in 2012-2013.), And the second (2014-2015). Steps recommended:

— Mobilize the armed forces at the expense of the repair and modernization of weapons and equipment;

— To ensure Ukraine's role in international peacekeeping activities and safety (substitute the role of NATO in providing surrogate cover);

— Reduce by 40-60% mobilization reserves and supplies;

— Reduce by 30-40% apparatus Defense Ministry, General Staff, and other governance structures, the number of military units and formations, training institutions, to stop for two or three years, a set of students, to withdraw from the sun between 30% and 50% of the infrastructure, tools, other movable and stationary military equipment. These measures the total number of armed forces personnel can be reduced in four years by 30-40%.

In 2012-2013, the need to return the technical condition of the existing weapons, military and special equipment, missiles and ammunition (further — IWT) forces combat duty.

As for 2014-2015, to be completed restoration of the technical condition and capability of advanced defense force (20-30 thousand troops).

In the years 2016-2020 is proposed to start re-refreshed Sun precision instrument, reconnaissance systems, controls, digital communications and navigation systems, to ensure their readiness for a local or a regional war.

It is clear that there is no money, because you need to start rebuilding with air defense and air cover strategic sites. From the new tools to focus on the programs "Corvette" and "AN-70". Other issues — and later ass growth.

Contain unacceptable in the armed forces and units in the absence of their serviceable and applicable to the renewal of AME. It is a question, for example, about a brigade tactical missiles, the shelf multiple rocket launching systems, anti-aircraft missile battalions filled with anti-aircraft defense systems of medium and distant acts divisions anti-ship missiles.

Withdraw from the sun and transfer to local communities unnecessary or not applicable military property. At the moment of the more than 1,500 military bases in nearly 400 have no military structures, but their protection and service produces almost 19 thousand people.

Reduce the appeal. Until the end of 2020 to bring the staffing contracted to 75-80%. Manned by contract only with the units and at the technical level serviceable materiel and related military training.

Salary increment, to solve the problem of service and constant dwelling of social criteria in military towns.

Yearly raise the amounts of total spending on the Armed Forces. At the beginning of 2010 they were in Ukraine, 5.1 million dollars on the 1st of the military, in Russia — 33.1 thousand in Romania — 45.4 thousand in Poland — 54.7 thousand in Slovakia — 61, 7 thousand

Rid of determining the total cost for the Ministry of Defense in coordination with the personnel strength of the Armed Forces. Reduced to 60-55% share of the cost of the aircraft to the best of their reduction, increasing the cost of re-shred up to 25-30% of the troops and their military training to 15%.

A new policy paper on military reform should be public. Society needs to know about the relative number of military and civilian officials, generals, officers and fighter combat arms, contractors, the number of staff and infrastructure, the number of major types of tools, indicators of intensity of personal battle training.

By 2020 the restoration of combat aircraft, the beginning of the formation of new species, the reduction of 1.5-2 times the number of administrative structures, reducing the number of personnel by half to about 90-100 thousand people, of which 70-80 thousand — the military, and an increase of 1.5-2 times the size of their foreign exchange software.

The creators have also called for reform of the Ukrainian military-industrial complex and the system of military-technical cooperation, without elaborat
ing, but what should be their brand new entity. But one can imagine that refers to the phase-out of the military cooperation with the republics of the former USSR (first with Russia) and the involvement in the military-technical sphere of the West.

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