Preparing for an earthquake in the U.S.

February 7, 2013. More than 2.7 million man currently time prescribed preparing for an earthquake, up to simulate the recommended safety measures during tremors in nine states — Tennessee, Oklahoma, Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Mississippi.

We invite you to join the millions of people who will descend to the ground, closed down protection and will keep it on yourself, at 10:15. AM February 7, 2013 in 2013 , during the "Great Central U.S. shake-up"!

Last year, more than 12.5 million man participated in exercises around the world. Exercises are a great way for your family or organization, be prepared to survive and recover quickly after large earthquakes.

His advice makes Joe Biden …

(Vice President Joe Biden says you have to buy shotgun shells in order to stay safe in an earthquake or violence.)

The exercise participants should "fall to the ground, take cover and keep it protected."

"This is a recommended action to ensure personal safety, which is necessary to resort to the time earthquake.

Millions of people have taken part in such exercises since 2008.

The possibility of a strong earthquake in the central part of the United States is an issue.

There is broad agreement in the scientific community that a major destructive earthquake in the New Madrid seismic zone is a serious danger. Many structures in Memphis staff Tennessee, St. Louis, Mo., and other communities in the central region of the valley of the Mississippi River are vulnerable and at risk of suffering from severe shocks. This estimate is based on decades of studies of earthquakes in the New Madrid area, and related phenomena. The studies were employed dozens of federal employees, universities, government employees, consultants and academics from around the world.

Based on: USGS
Source: News plus comment

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