Presentation was held captive balloon Relight

Recently there was a presentation of captive balloon "Relight", created state-owned company "Dolgoprudnenskoye design office automation" (DKBA). The balloon is currently undergoing factory tests, some of which took place at the test center in the suburban town of Roscosmos Relight.

Balloon "Relight" was created within the framework of the project "Animation" in the interests of the Defense Ministry. Mobile aeronautical complex "Relight" designed primarily for long-term (up to 15 days) hold at an altitude of 3 km of sensors, communications, early warning of enemy attacks and effective contribution to military operations. Such systems are available today in dozens of U.S. Army, located in hot spots. On the characteristics of "Relight" is comparable with the best foreign military balloons of the class, and a number of parameters exceeds them.

"Relight" is able to perform and civilian missions. In the commercial segment of the market such balloons could demand among mobile operators, Internet service providers, security firms. It is on the basis of such balloons may solve the problem of the "last mile" to far from the economic centers of the districts. But now the market aeronautic engineering are in the world, nor in Russia has not yet formed, so the technology is available aerostatic individual instances or small lots, which is why its price is high.


Balloon "Relight" is currently undergoing factory tests in the test center Roscosmos

In the event of a leak of helium ballonet inside the shell causes it to maintain an aerodynamic shape

Payload on board can reach 400 kilograms

Constructors DKBA, although based on the experience of the Soviet period (in particular, surviving drawings), have introduced a lot of new solutions

The presentation was also presented a model of lenticular blimp

On the model of the airship carried out testing of individual components and systems for the future 30-meter dish

On the whole year for the aeronautics industry has been successful.

Balloon "Relight" is based on an 8-layer polymer fabric that has been developed in Russia. The material is welded by high frequency (HDTV), which provided the shell high reliability and increased its service life up to 5 years. In the USSR, aerostatic machines created on the basis of rubberized fabric. Skins Soviet balloons sewn, and then sized,. The system receives reliable, but heavy and short-lived. The use of high frequency has increased the capacity of the unit by easing the weight of the shell.

Inside gazoderzhaschey shell "works" ballonet (bag with air pressure), which in the case of reducing the internal volume of the balloon due to the leakage of helium expands and causes the shell to maintain the aerodynamic shape of the balloon. To ensure stable operation of the reinforced membrane on ballonet motors, air is pumped into it. For all avionics, including payload, with a land on wireline supplied with electricity 1000 volt 50 amp, in particular for motor requires three inlets 27 volt 16 amp. In the field, eletrotok produces diesel generator. In case of force majeure, when the electricity does not come on board, there is a "technological alternative" to replenish the baloney in the form of a special air intake "pocket".

Payload on board, depending on the height of parking can be up to 400 kg. At the maximum height of parking lot — 3000 m — balloon "Relight" calculated to hold equipment weighing 250 lbs.

Tethered balloon "Relight" is under the factory and pre-operational testing. The presentation was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Defense, Aviation Management Industry and Trade Ministry, GosNIIAS profile Minoborny Research Institute, Ministry of Emergency Situations, the management of some large industrial companies, balloonists, and businessmen. The final phase of testing will take place in the first quarter of 2011 and their follow-up DKBA leadership will decide on the expansion of this segment of the market.

At the presentation was presented and other development DKBA — the current prototype model of an unmanned airship lenticular with the working title "Cluster". The airship is also part of a special project for the benefit of the defense department. As long as the model of a cladding diameter of 5 m on it conducted tests of individual components and systems for the future 30-meter dish that can fly hundreds of miles to maneuver and perform flight tasks under remote control. It is planned that in the case of stable funding for three lens-shaped airship will be transferred to the customer as early as 2014

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