Production of caviar in the Yaroslavl region

In the near future, Yaroslavl region may be one of the leaders in the production of caviar. Valuable species of sturgeons bred in the new hatchery in the village of Oaks Yaroslavl region.

  • hatchery "Yaroslavl" opened in February 2011
  • hatchery "Yaroslavl" opened in February 2011

Experts were able to reproduce in vitro complete life cycle of sturgeon and Siberian sturgeon. In addition, in captivity has brought more than fifty thousand fry. So, Yaroslavl fish farmers will be able to seriously compete with other manufacturers. Including overseas.

"Today the market of caviar in Russia about 80 tons. Currently officially production is about 18-20 tons. This is a significant achievement. Challenge for '13 — we want to implement the order of 10 tons of caviar," — said General Director of the hatchery "Yaroslavl" Vyacheslav Stepanets.

The plans — to produce sturgeon fry in the ponds of the region. Considerable support in the implementation of the project to assist the Government of the Yaroslavl region. The authorities have helped in addressing issues of energy supply and gasification facilities in the complex Dubki. From the regional and federal budgets are supported in the form of interest rate subsidies on loans. Such measures, according to experts of the regional department of agriculture, will help to ease the Yaroslavl enterprises in the international market.

"This is probably one of the most successful projects that are implemented in the Yaroslavl region. Generally, the amount of the project is more than 490 million rubles. This production is competitive, it's the most important thing. We think it will be competitive in the domestic market and find a buyer and for abroad ", — said the deputy director of the government's nuclear weapons APC Valentine Shishina.

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