Production of IL-76MD-90A (video)

The first production models of the Il-76MD-90A will come into service in 2014 with the BTA.

We are currently updating the state defense order for 2013, state armaments program until 2020, so the timing has been adjusted and the number of deliveries — 40 instead of the previously agreed to supply 48 units.

Reference: Transportnik Il-76MD-90A is a deep modernization of the Il-76MD. The aircraft made its first flight on 22 September 2012. The aircraft is equipped with new engines PS-90A-76 and power unit. With a maximum takeoff weight of 210 tons of aircraft capable of carrying loads of up to 60 tons. Il-76MD-90A equipped with a "glass" cockpit. Freighter capable of speeds up to 850 kilometers per hour and to operate at a distance of six thousand miles away. Serial production of the Il-76MD-90A is expected to lead to an aircraft factory "Aviastar" in Ulyanovsk (IL-76 produced Tashkent aircraft plant).

The plane is different from the IL-76 modified the new wing with the use of long panels caisson, with new engines, fuel and modernized management system, digital sighting and navigation system and automatic control of the aircraft, as well as the new "glass" cockpit (control devices made using the LCD displays.)

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