Production of military products at KAMAZ. Answers

Replies experts "KAMAZ" to your questions posed duringOnline conference:

(40 questions and answers, advise) 

1. Does the "KAMAZ" to create on the basis of "Typhoon" a family of armored vehicles?

Plans. This is stated in the approved Defense Ministry tactical and technical task for the family.
Protected family of vehicles designed to perform combat missions, including those with mounted weapons and military equipment, and tasks of combat, logistic and other types of support: transportation of personnel and military cargoes.
The structure protected the family car "Typhoon" includes:
— Skid secure car chassis 4×4 with a capacity of 3.0 ton armored control module;
— protected vehicle frame 6×6 wheel load capacity of 4.0 tons (the base model of the family) with armored and armored control module function module, as well as its modification: Skid-protected armored car chassis management module;
— protected vehicle frame 8×8 with a lifting capacity of 8.0 tons of armored and armored control module function module, as well as its modification: protected Skid car chassis with triple armored control module;
— protected vehicle frame or body 4×4 with a capacity of 2.0 ton armored volume bodies;
— protected vehicle frame or body 6×6 wheel load capacity 4.0 tons with armored volume bodies.

2. At what stage are the work of armored car "Typhoon"? What tests have been passed, which has yet to be?

Necessary to divide the question. In proactively OJSC "KAMAZ" has developed and produced two prototypes were made and they are being tested, in particular the work already conducted laboratory and sea trials prototypes. In 2013, sea trials prototypes continue.
As part of the State Contract for the needs of the Defense Ministry the design documentation for the manufacture of two prototypes. To date, the process of making prototypes for preliminary testing under the control of the Customer.

3. Please describe what's changed, modified in that case and modular "Typhoon".

According to the results of preliminary testing prototypes of the whole car design has undergone a radical processing in part:
— reduce the weight and size characteristics;
— optimize the assembly and disassembly of cars and its maintenance;
— improve the security of the vehicle.

4. What kind of armor is on the armored car "Typhoon": ceramic, steel? If the ceramic, then whose production?
On a family of armored vehicles "Typhoon-K" used combined armor consisting of a liner, steel base and ceramic armor plates. Ceramic elements in the ceramic armor plates from the Russian manufacturer — "NEVZ UNION", Novosibirsk.

5. Which imported components are used in the "Typhoon"?

Applied imported components in cars "Typhoon" — components that are not produced in Russia, but are necessary to perform the specified TTZ, the requirements:
— Automatic — Allison (USA);
— Boestoykie wheels — Hutchinson (France);
— Winch — Sepson (Sweden).
Application of these components at this stage OCD accord established procedures.

6. Do all machines "Typhoon-K" is the engine KAMAZ-740.60-450?

This engine does not have. Engine production of JSC "KAMAZ" 740.354-450, with the ability to increase the power to 550 hp, installed on the cars of the family "Typhoon-K" 6×6 and 8×8.

7. Recently Airborne Troops commander said that the air assault units will be equipped cars "Typhoon". We are talking about unit "Typhoon" or some other modification? Shamans also mentioned that "the options that are available today at KAMAZ while airborne are not suitable." What kind of cars we talking about?

Perhaps it was a modification of the family car "Typhoon-K" 4×4.
I would like to note that no one "is crude" model can not be adopted for the Armed Forces (no such thing as "adopted for the Navy" is not). We are talking about protected vehicles project "Typhoon K", in particular the protected vehicle of this family 4×4, work on which is currently held in the SEC of "KAMAZ" (completion of work on this project — IV quarter 2015).

8. Is there a government order for armored cars "Typhoon-K" for the year (on the site Rosoboronpostavki published schedule by which the Defense Ministry acquires 30 "Typhoon")? If not, what are the reasons?

Under the SDO will be supplied pilot batch of the family car "Typhoon-K" for military trials at 30 units.

9. The main advantage of wheeled vehicles — it is their cheapness. How much will it cost "Typhoon"?

Family cars "Typhoon-K" are developed in accordance with the requirements of the TTP as a highly protected wheeled equipment. This technique can not be cheap, but we have developed designs for mass production will be at least 50% cheaper than their foreign counterparts.
In the Russian Federation this technique, mass-produced, not yet, and comparing with nothing.

10. What are you working with foreign firms, creating the armored cars of the "Typhoon" and other military trucks?

Cooperation under development perspective armored military vehicles at a given time, for a number of reasons, carried out with multiple partners.
It partners from the Netherlands, Ireland, France, and Israel.

11. Of which criteria to select the level of mine protection "Typhoon"? What is the current level of protection for the armored car, and what mine are not afraid of "Typhoon"?

To date, the development of mine countermeasures family car "Typhoon-K" is regulated by the general requirements of Defense of the Russian Federation to secure vehicles and tactical and technical requirements for a family of protected vehicles. Family cars "Typhoon-K" protected by mines — at least 8 kg of TNT anywhere under the floor and the wheel.

12. What are the prospects for export "Typhoon"?

On the export too early to speak. But, with the positive results of the whole cycle of works on the family "Typhoon-K" will be decided on exports in agreement with the customer on behalf of the Russian Defense Ministry.

13. Caters to "KAMAZ" to any foreign examples of technology in the production of armored cars? Is there a universally recognized for all manufacturers of military equipment standard?

Since the beginning of the project "Typhoon K" was planned to create a secure car perspective, it is natural in the run-up, and in the course of their business development specialists studied the mass of material on the subject, including foreign publications and analogues. And because it is a promising sheltered car — experience with similar types of equipment, both domestic and foreign production (the results of their use in the real world, including military action) is used by our designers. As an analogy, one might call such cars as the L-MTV (Oshkosh), MPV, Wisent (Rheinmetall), etc.

14. What OJSC "KAMAZ" is going to do in the direction
of light armored vehicles (like Iveco)? Does your company have such ready-made designs? If so, is it possible to bring their specifications?

This issue has already been elaborated. In the direction of light armored cars to our company, the technical project secured car project "Typhoon-K" 4×4 in the near future is planned prototyping.

15. Do you plan to protect your production of armored vehicles from RPGs and mines with EFP?

One of the requirements of tactical and technical specifications for OCD "Typhoon-K" is to ensure the protection of crew compartment of the manufactured products of breaks and splits the main armor when hit RPG grenades. This requirement is achieved by installing additional external components that structurally provided to the family of armored vehicles "Typhoon-K."

16. Recently, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that the armored cars "Lynx" will be produced by KAMAZ with a high level of localization. The agreement has already been signed with Iveco? When will the assembly, and how many cars will produce? Will there be issued only option IVECO 65E19WM or any other modification. For example, the ambulance? Will there be improvements made machines, except of earlier? What is the cost of a purchased kit "Lynx", and what will be the final price after the assembly?

The decision to build cars partially localized on the areas of "KAMAZ" accepted. Car assembly takes place at the agreed time. Further interaction with the Ministry of Defence is to conduct technical supervision of vehicles IVECO 65E19WM for military use.
At the request of the Customer IVECO manufacturer may offer the option of a car with a long base to carry 6 people and as mentioned earlier — cleanup option.

17. Representatives of "KAMAZ" present at undermining the sale. I would like to hear their opinions on this machine, testing, etc.

The purpose of this test was to demonstrate the survival of the crew vehicle LMV in the following cases:
— Mina with 6 kilograms of TNT in steel under the front wheel;
— Mina at the front wheel arch;
— Mina under legroom.
Thus, there were three test car explosion.
The test results are recorded and analyzed employed by a public test center in Germany, to meet the requirements of STANAG 4569 were summarized as follows:
The test number 1 (6 kg of TNT bomb under the front wheel):
— No penetration of the primary and secondary fragments in the car;
— All ergonomics within the normal range.
The test number 2 (mine is on the right front control arm)
— No penetration of the primary and secondary fragments in the car;
— Sex capsules (bottom) without damage.
The test number 3 (mine underneath the pedal space of the rear right of the car):
— No penetration of the primary and secondary fragments in the car;
— Sex capsules (bottom) without damage.
The tests confirmed that the funds of mine protection meet the requirements of protection against mines equivalent to 6 kg of TNT, established under the wheel and on the anti-personnel mine.
Compliance with the requirements of protection, based on the test results, it was confirmed by the State point of verification and certification of weapons and equipment safety in the city of Ulm, Germany (Ulm test site).
The tests carried out on the ballistic vehicle, as confirmed by the certificate of the State of paragraph weapons testing and certification, and safety (testing ground of Ulm). In the test shots were fired at 130 points, agreed with the customer, in the face of the Defense Ministry. The test results demonstrate the protective qualities of the vehicle and its components were analyzed by the customer and confirmed the implementation of its requirements.

18. At what stage are the work of OCD "Platform"? Can I bring the technical characteristics of this family of machines?

This is one of the most important development projects ever carried out in the factory. The problem of responsibility — to create a vehicle especially big load capacity.
Without going into the details of embodiment can say one thing — applied layout circuits and design solutions are unique in many ways.
Today, the plant is a very important stage — complete production of prototypes for their trials, their completion will be the first results of work for discussion.

19. What are the prospects for military wheeled platforms middle class? How do you see a promising car in 10 years? What technologies are not used now, will be involved?

For the introduction of innovative technical solutions in the design of vehicles of "KAMAZ" in the first place is working on the introduction of new digital technology, active protection, new materials, including metal armor, light weight by 25%, and other materials to enhance the protective properties.
As a promising work questions the use of hybrid powertrains, active suspension, and remote robotic vehicle control for unmanned combat readiness and improve as a whole.
Thus, JSC "KAMAZ" has been active in terms of research, development of prospective aggregate base and vehicles for the delivery of Russian security forces to ensure current and future requirements.
The implementation of the proposals of "KAMAZ" in 2020 will:
— ensure the rational structure of the Armed Forces of the park BAT, as the nomenclature and in the qualitative composition;
— ensure parity with foreign domestic VAT on basic properties;
— to provide a given level of technical readiness of BAT;
— significantly reduce operational costs BAT.

20. KAMAZ-43269 "Shot-M" — a label GABTU contains anti-mine protection from 7kg of explosives. This is indeed the case and the "Shot-M" has become a full-fledged MRAP mine-protected? Were the test "Shot" and "Shot-M" undermining?

The car "shot-M" will be the result of deep modernization of the production vehicle KAMAZ-43269, able to withstand major mine and ballistic threats. For example, mine protection, the specific values which are not established yet, in our opinion, should not be less than 6 kg equivalent of explosives and ballistic protection must be at least 6 a class. Tests of "shots" to determine the level of mine protection is not carried out, since the requirements for mine protection in TTZ customer does not show. The level of protection given mine car "Shot-M" at this stage of development is being verified by computational methods using simulated effects of an explosion on a mathematical model.

21. What are the prospects for the armored cars "Shot-M"? Are there customers at him?

The car is positioned in the segment of armored vehicles to the total weight of 14 tons. We believe that under the condition that we achieve the goals by the level of ballistic and mine protection, functionality and value of the car will be in demand. Armored Car "Shot-M" is a transitional model to a family of vehicles "Typhoon-K" wheel configuration of 4×4. The main advantage of an armored car shot-M armored car in front of KAMAZ-43269 "The Shot" is the use of modern aggregate base and increased volume protected.

22. How many armored cars "The Shot" and "Shot-M" were delivered to customers, and how much is currently being in operation?

Armored vehicles KAMAZ-43269 "The Shot" produced about 150 units. Most of them are in operation.

23. Tell us about an armored car KAMAZ "Warrior"? At what stage is it and what are the prospects for development in this model armored car?

Cars of the "Warrior" was the first attempt to design the initiative "from scratch" domestic MRAP. Have been developed and manufactured prototypes made certain types of tests. After the appearance of the approved TTZ on family cars "Typhoon-K" work stopped, and the experience of this paper is used.

24. Continues to manufacture artillery tractor on KAMAZ-6350? What is the number of cars delivered to the Ministry of Defence?

Artillery tractor, set up on the chassis of KAMAZ-6350 in accordance with the approved program, passed the full cycle of acceptance tests. The design of the tractor was approved by the leadership of the Army and the Russian MF &management. Artillery tractor order of the head of the main Armored Directorate of Defense of the Russian Federation from October 1, 2009 number 665 adopted by the supply of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
Production arttyagacha utilized commercially. Total of 2009 delivered in the Armed Forces of more than 200 units. Production of this car continues this year, according to a contract approved by the State.

25. Purchases whether the army, the Interior Ministry, KAMAZ-5350? What is the volume of purchases?

Deliveries of KAMAZ-5350 made in response to incoming requests, including those from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.
Today, the Russian Interior Ministry is planning to work on productions in their units supply vehicles used by the Armed Forces of Russia, taking into account the work carried out to improve the design, increase the degree of unification of KAMAZ vehicles and improve the conditions of their use. This will reduce the time and expense of conducting acceptance and special tests.
In accordance with the recent meetings and discussions at the level of Ministers of Defence and Interior this issue takes place. The question of analyzing the use of vehicles supplied under the orders of the Ministry of Defence to provide automotive technology divisions of Ministry of Internal Affairs and explosives.

26. Have the test pontoon cars on the basis of KAMAZ 53501 and 63501? Does the Ministry of Defense buys them?

Pontoon vehicles on KAMAZ-53501 and KAMAZ-63501 in the period from 2009 to 2011 have been fully tested. Upon review of the design documentation for the meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission (IAC) have been proposed activities to ensure full compliance with the requirements of the approved chassis.
As of the 2013 measures were implemented in full, the draft order of acceptance to supply the pontoon cars.
The issue of supply in 2013-2014 pontoon parks in units of the Armed Forces of Russia is now being discussed by the head of the Army and the Main Department of Engineering Corps Forces.

27. Bought a car security agencies Self-type "Multilift"? What is the volume of purchases?

Despite the fact that the order of the head of the main Armored Directorate of Defense of the Russian Federation № 670 of 10 October 2007 cars samopogruzchiki with the ML-6 model LDS-7927 (KAMAZ-53501) and with the ML-10 model LDS-79271 (KAMAZ -63,501) taken to supply the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation today, unfortunately, no purchases.

28. KAMAZ-43501 Airborne Defense buys? What are its prospects?

KAMAZ-43501 is designed to replace the troops obsolete and discontinued products of GAZ-66. The car has the ability to landing, which was confirmed by repeated special (flight) tests. Purchases of the vehicle from the date of supply by Airborne outgrown 730 units.
The car passed on supply and demand at the moment.

29. Tell us about the works on OCD "coalition"? It will be on the chassis 'Typhoon'?

Today, within the framework of the ROC "Coalition-SV-SH" is working on the creation of a self-propelled artillery weapons on wheeled base. For the base chassis has been selected from a family of high payload vehicles KAMAZ-6560. After a special chassis refinements to meet the transport base to approved specifications made a prototype chassis and sent to the plant where it will be mounted a promising 152-mm gun system. The results of the work, it may be more information by the end of 2013.

30. What is the prospect of supply KAMAZ vehicles with automatic transmission to the troops?

Automatic transmission technology in the army after the necessary tests and the results of the military operation has proved the positive side.
This transmission for automobiles KAMAZ supplied power structures, approved by the Ministry of Defense, established procedures and consistent with the regulatory requirements of the Russian legislation.

31. Could there be a problem in military production due to the presence in the Daimler shareholders?

The relationship of "KAMAZ" with the firm Daimler built in accordance with the General Agreement and the production of multi-purpose vehicles at this stage does not contradict him.

32. What is the share of military contracts in the volume of orders "KAMAZ"?

To date, the OJSC "KAMAZ" production of vehicles for the security forces as a whole compared with the 10-year-old has more than tripled.
Today, as a percentage of the share of vehicles for the sector is 10 to 15%.
However, the results of this work in the period from 2009 to 2012, in close collaboration with departments to be ordered Defense Ministry, the Federal Security Service, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, etc. This result can be increased by several times with a positive decision on replacement of obsolete vehicles standing in line, on army vehicles KAMAZ.

33. How many cars delivered to the Armed Forces since 2005? You can see the breakdown of the models?

Since 2005, law enforcement agencies for all-wheel drive vehicles delivered more than 30,000 units. Since 2007, on-board and chassis cars "Mustang" family of the installation of various products constitute the "lion's share" of supply.

34. Vying for a "KAMAZ" to repair plant in the Ministry of Defense policy on transfer of repair shops "Oboronservis" batch plant?

Even today, as part of the technical supervision of vehicles, auto repair factories involved the Ministry of Defense compliant and certified to perform the work required under long-term contract (contractual) relationship.

35. As the company belong to the initiative of the Ministry of Defense of the manufacturer of a full service life cycle it produces machinery, and subsequent disposal? Simply put — if this is possible in practice?

OJSC "KAMAZ" vehicles ensures technical support through its own service network, which includes more than 165 organizations located throughout the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.
In Russia are 36 auto centers with direct participation of JSC "KAMAZ" in their capital and 75 auto centers, established a subsidiary company of "KAMAZtehobsluzhivanie." In addition, on a contractual basis corporate services provided by the independent service companies.
In 2012, serviced and repaired more than 16,000 vehicles KAMAZ 254 military units on the territory of Russia.
Distribution network of JSC "KAMAZ" ensures the continued availability of the warehouses in all regions of Russia and abroad, the original range of spare parts.
During the implementation of measures of technical supervision is conducted online recovery techniques.
Organized training senior management operating organizations (milit
ary units). In 2012, the training was over 600 people.
OJSC "KAMAZ" is included in the register of car manufacturers to ensure disposal of their products in accordance with the law on disposal of vehicles. Prepared for production capacity utilization in urban population of over 500 thousand.
There are no outstanding issues. To ensure ongoing maintenance vehicles on the march and in the hot spots is required to develop a number of new legal instruments for the life insurance (security, life support) civilian personnel involved in the conduct of operations.
Overall, on the basis of the above, the service vehicles for the full life cycle is realistic.

36. What are the current volumes of serviced equipment to the War Department JSC "Remdizel? Produced a more major overhaul with modernization of vehicles based on 4310? Now the system looks as maintenance of military equipment?

Technical supervision and maintenance of AMSE on KAMAZ conduct on-site maintenance crews JSC "Remdizel" service centers in areas of "KAMAZ" and in the field in all the districts of the Russian Federation.
In 2012 JSC "Remdizel" provide technical oversight for more than 25 thousand military automotive technology (BAT) KAMAZ throughout the Russian Federation. For 2013 it is planned to service more than 30 thousand units, renovated with the modernization of the 400 units of KAMAZ-4310 to KAMAZ-43114 as the withdrawal from service vehicles. In the future, there are plans to modernize the KAMAZ-43114 to the state of the family car "Mustang" with the resource of the new car.
Maintenance of equipment in accordance with the terms of the state contract maintenance crews visits of JSC "Remdizel" using a service network of production facilities of JSC "KAMAZ". When servicing use original spare parts, past the entrance control VIs that come directly from the ZAO "Remdizel" or from the stock service network of JSC "KAMAZ". Information on all services (including views of the works set spare parts for each managed engineering sample) is stored in a single database of information, access to which is provided in real-time.

37. Domestic manufacturers of military equipment is often criticized on three fronts: the build quality, ergonomics, warranty service. As with this, "KAMAZ", what the disadvantages are that straighten, what censures faced?

Warranty service described above.
On the issue of ergonomics today there are a number of projects, confirmed the tactical and technical projects, including the development of a promising frame-panel cockpit for delivery in the automotive engineering as the national economic performance and to supply the Russian Defense Ministry.
The vehicles will be equipped with two triples and seven-seat double-row of prefabricated cabins, with the possibility of installation of the protection of different levels and with the possibility of installation of the weapons.
Cabs can be equipped with a filtering unit (HLF) of the general exchange-collector type, heater and air conditioning system.
In terms of quality vehicles for the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation OJSC "KAMAZ" does not stand still, and has been working steadily to improve the design, increase the degree of unification of KAMAZ vehicles and improve the conditions of their use. This process is regulated by GOST RV 2.902, according to which, on the basis of complaints received and remedial measures agreed with the Defense Ministry established procedures and take steps to eliminate defects and improve the quality of KAMAZ vehicles.
Complaints to the quality of KAMAZ vehicles, as well as complaints, of course, it comes and small breakages and damage to components and assemblies, as the production of "KAMAZ" and allied plants. Have questions about techam.
In accordance with the Policy in the field of service and the quality of acting in OJSC "KAMAZ" all incoming complaints and claims considered and satisfied in a timely manner.
In the quality management system of JSC "KAMAZ" act of the Permanent Commission for Quality (PDKK) and emergency-technical Commission (ATC). At the annual meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission reviews and approves changes in the design documentation for cars, including the results of the consideration of complaints.
This allows you to constantly monitor the timeliness and effectiveness of corrective actions for non-conformities identified by consumers and carry out further work on the modernization of automotive technology.
Systematic approach to quality used by KAMAZ, has received high praise from the Academy of quality problems. The company received the Diploma of the collective members of the Academy.

38. What are the prospects for the development of the market sales? Which regions are promising? Collaborates to "KAMAZ" with Libya?

Protected vehicles are used where a responsible attitude to security and readiness of personnel. The main customers and consumers are protected vehicles division of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, the other security agencies, special purpose units and rapid response. Protected vehicles designed to carry and protect personnel and a variety of specialized goods, as well as for a variety of combat and support combined-arms task forces and peacekeeping forces. Cars have an increased ballistic and mine protection for the operational activities of the security forces. The design provides a secure car mount and tow different types (models) of weapons and special equipment.
The main market for protected vehicles, of course, is the domestic market. External market, as the potential for increased sales and additional financial resources, is seen as a minor, but at the same time promising. Currently, the implementation of motor vehicles designated regions such as Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and the countries of the Middle East.

39. Do you plan to create simulators for soldiers enrolled virtually on the principles of "what to do and how to behave in suicide?"

Today, it created a number of dynamic driving simulators KAMAZ vehicles from different manufacturers, designed to teach drivers and KAMAZ chassis in order to create and maintain their stable driving skills in a variety of landscape, road and weather conditions, as well as in dense urban traffic
High-quality rendering 3D-route effort on the steering wheel and pedals, the noise of the engine, the transmission of dynamic loads on the cadet with a 6-power dynamic platform, realistically transmit all kinds of speeds and terrain — all this allows students to feel like driving a real truck KAMAZ.
In the presence of the requirements and demands of potential customers may soon be developed dynamic simulator with providing the possibility for simulating emergency situations, including the principles of "what to do and how to behave in suicide."

40. A year ago, launched a pilot project to train military personnel competent operation of army vehicles KAMAZ at the Regional Institute of technology and business. Tell us about what has been done during this time, as the project develops now?

Now the main question to OJSC "KAMAZ" learning organization is the correct operation, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles directly to those who use it in the units. In particular, systematically organized outreach teams on site (to military units, polygons, etc.) for driver training operation and maintenance of such vehicles as the tractor KAMAZ-65225 (Tankovoz), KAMAZ-6560.
Also, in accordance with the approved plan of training of officials responsible for the operation of KAMAZ vehicles in 2012, on the basis of private educational institution "Regional Institute of Advanced Technology and
Business" were trained automotive service chiefs from various military districts of the Ministry of Defence under the "Features and operating motor vehicles KAMAZ family. " Classes are held as scheduled, and cover topics of particular design to overhaul and disposal of KAMAZ vehicles, that is, the full life cycle.
In 2013, in the course of interaction with the Defence Ministry on the subject in accordance with the State Contract scheduled training of officials responsible for the operation of KAMAZ vehicles during the year.

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