Production of passenger trains on the Moscow Railway Car Plant named Voytovych

Heading for Europe

The demand for comfortable passenger trains is increasing every year. An example of a successful project to create such a structure where passengers are provided with a wide range of services, can serve as the production of cars of VIP-class cars on the basis of the German construction WLABmee — 200 international posts.

Direct train from Moscow — Berlin — Paris, launched last year, is made up of cars after a major overhaul at OJSC "Russian Railways" at the Moscow plant for modernization and construction of wagons them. Voytovych (MVSZ them. Voytovych).

The route from Moscow to Berlin — Paris, is the second-longest trans-European route after the route Moscow — Nice, which is also made up of the cars after a major overhaul at the factory. The enterprise carried depot, major repairs and capital recovery trains and international long distance services.

At present JSC "Federal Passenger Company" forms for factory orders for repair of passenger cars in 2013 in the light of experience, certification and wishes of customers, including cars, saloons on individual projects.

In the VIP-class cars have four compartments, bar. All coupes come with a TV, DVD-player, clean toilet and shower. For the convenience of passengers, provided all the conditions that allow them to move comfortably in one run in several climatic zones. The enterprise is working on the organization of individual climate — control, power and other essential services required for an extended stay of passengers on the train. The trains are also equipped with a universal system of security, fire and ringing alarm, light display and information distribution system of hot and cold water in the compartment. Vnutripoezdnoy new system of communication.

Train Moscow — Berlin — Paris even more expanded geography of international routes. It passes through the territory of Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany and France at speeds up to 200 kilometrovv hour. Passage of a train of various states has specific requirements for high-voltage equipment that works on all 5 different types of stress. To carry out permanent repair of high-voltage equipment is implemented agreement between the plant and the company «Bombardier Transportation» joint repair equipment. At the same time held a variety of enhancements and improvements to increase the reliability and quality of electric cars. In December last year, experts MVSZ them. Voytovych factory trained to Bombardier in Hennigsdorf (Germany).

World-class cars are moved on trolleys European type kolei1435 mm, Russian railway network provides for the movement of rolling stock kolee1520 mm. On the permutation point Brest passes podkatka Russian trucks and trolleys European GP — 200. European trolley trains WLABMee — 200 are all kinds of repairs on MVSZ them. Voytovych.

Moscow Railway Car Building Plant named after Voytovych — one of the oldest Russian companies — founded in 1868 as the main wagon workshops of the Moscow-Kursk railway. The decision of the People's Commissariat of the 1929 wagon workshops reorganized into the plant, which was named Basil Voytovych.

The enterprise has not only upgraded, repaired and re-equipped passenger, international and official cars, cars produce comfortable lounges, bars, garages, laboratories as well as produce spare parts for rolling stock.

Its production plant produces not only for Russia and the CIS countries and the Baltic States, but also in Germany, Poland, Turkey and other countries.

Lavnichenko Sergey — Director.

Address: 111024, w. Enthusiasts, 4.

Tel. / Fax: 362-95-01, 673-34-10, 362-95-17.


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