Professions sent retired

The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia will significantly reduce the list of professions that will be available in Russian high schools this year. According to the plans of more than 500 specialties of higher education will remain around 100.


The ministry said that the official qualifiers are quite a few professions which are already almost there or they do not demand the labor market because of the single-minded focus. The reorganization will affect both the teachers, and the university: we'll have to adjust curricula, scheme of preparation of students.

Director of the Institute of Higher Education 'Higher school of economics' Irina Abankina (involved in the process of updating classifiers) explained that the transition to a two-tier education leave Russia in the field of training to prepare for the board, as is done all over the world. "Our system is not flexible specialization. It is about fundamental change concept — says the expert. — Specialties will remain only in the "specialties" (second level master). Future professionals and students will not narrow specialty, and training generalists "- explained Abagkina.

The final list of areas to be published in early December 2013.

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