Prokopievsky Electroprom (Kemerovo region). Resumed production of castings

On Prokopyevsky enterprise "Electroprom" (HC "SDS-Mash"), after an eight-year hiatus, introduced the production of aluminum castings.

To do this, the designers of the plant had to completely rework the design of castings parts and replace the material from steel to aluminum.

On their own businesses were made three model sets for different types of machines, worked out a new modern technology for production of castings.

As the chief metallurgist LLC "Electroprom" Sergei Kornev, "Foundry today can produce up to 80% of the blanks parts of different designs and cost-effective to produce the desired part. Simplicity is the fact that the product is made by casting it in the form of an allowance for future rough machining, hardening and final finishing. Saving is that unlike forgings for machining of which is up to 40% of the waste for which the customer paid the extra money poured in shape casting parts. If further machining of waste remains 3-5 %. "

The enterprise has already made the casting of the new technology. They put on the engines, which are currently being tested.

"The introduction of this production has allowed the company to load capacities of casting, greatly reduce the cost and improve the quality of engines, reduced production time", — said S. roots.

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