Prospective ICBMs shape and timing

Prospective ICBMs shape and timing
The last two months have been provided on the announcements about the development of Russian ballistic missiles. At the beginning of September, it became clear that the 2018 Russian strategic rocket troops destinations receive the latest missile intercontinental range. The aim of this development was announced substitution model of aging ICBM R-36M2 «Governor.» In accordance with a planned launch date old absolutely decommissioned and disposed of or used for launching of cosmic vehicles. In general, good news, though not without controversy came the need of a new project and its rational form.

The next few weeks new posts about the project was not promising ICBMs. But in the last days of the announcements again went one after another. First, October 19, «Interfax» referring to a source in the defense industry said the submission of preliminary design newest rocket defense ministry. Military in general were satisfied, but with some unguarded. From the developers claimed unnamed correct some aspects and begin to prepare this project. The main developer of the latest rocket became Rocket Center Municipal them. VP Makeev (Miass), also involved in the drafting of Reutov NGOs engineering. According to reports, the requirements of the Ministry of Defense to the latest rocket launch mass involve about 100 tons of liquid engines and installation of a new complex to overcome missile defense. Other details of the requirements specification and type the newest missiles remain hidden. Moreover, now there are no data on the title of the project.

On the basis of recognizable information, you can make some fascinating conclusions. For example, fans of conspiracy theories can «cling» to the fact that the latest missile for land use does not Capital Institute of Thermal Technology, previously created a family of «Topol» missile and «yars» and Miassky SRC them. Makeev, who for the past almost sixty years only on developing ballistic missiles for submarines. From a certain point of view change head developer can look for evidence of speculation on the future in the absence of severe MIT due to several failed launches of the R-30 «Bulava». But the transfer clean «land» missile project organization, previously held only a maritime theme, may be much more common and everyday explanation. The fact that in recent years, the Institute of Heat Engineering, if I may say so, a branch monopolized land-based missiles. Moreover, this fall is expected to Adopt the Navy newest ballistic missile R-30 «Bulava», on the development of MIT will serve not only on land. SRC them. Makeev, in turn, to nedavneshnego time for various reasons was required to deal only with the modernization of the existing missile technology. In the course of these studies, for example, was created by Rocket R-29RMU2.1 «Liner», created to spoof the last family of missiles R-29. But the «Liner» is proposed for use on submarines of old projects and new missile submarines currently being built with the expectation under the «Bulava». So Makar, an order to develop the newest rocket for the Strategic Missile Forces, and not for the Navy looks specific lifesaver for the famous Ural enterprise.

Also worth the brakes on articulated starting weight. Brand new ICBM will weigh about 100 tons against twice the mass of the planned substitution of R-36M2. Twofold discrepancy raises certain questions. First, they relate to the payload and not range. With the latest understanding — even solid-propellant missile with twice the smallest weight may have a range of 10-11 thousand kilometers above, as shown by the recent development of MIT. But the head part, in turn, is a matter of dispute. If you try to imagine how promising reduced ICBM R-36M2 with appropriate weight and size characteristics, it turns out that it is able to deliver to the target warheads weighing about 4 tons. This «payment» does not claim to own the truth and has the aim of only a rough idea about the properties of the rocket. Naturally, neither of which 10 warheads, like the «Governors» speech does not go. In addition, the requirement to overcome missile defense opponents hint at the payload of. Perhaps brand new nosecone receive comparable huge number of false targets and simulators warheads. Of course, the increase in the number and mass breakout means the most direct impact on the size and power used by combat troops. Certain difficulty in sample composition predict warhead missiles will wear past the newest Russian ICBMs. Of the last missiles with multiple warheads available only in RS-24 «Yars». Family «Topol», in turn, carries a warhead candy bar. At the same time, promising an ICBM missile from the Municipal Center belongs to the class of heavy missile, which allows a large probability to believe a little bit of equipment all the same reentry warhead, even and more than moderate in comparison with R-36M2.

View promising missiles naturally of great enthusiasm. But some expressions Defense Ministry officials are able to make the situation even more curious and even controversial. Almost immediately with the news of approval of preliminary design to RIA Novosti quoted a consultant RVSN commander Colonel-General Vladimir Esin retired. According to him, the creation of the modern liquid ICBM will begin at the end of the current 2012. In light of the September statements Command missile forces such information can cause a lot of questions. Please, do not completely understand how to relate to each other between periods, called earlier and named at this time. If just approved preliminary design, then in the best case, the new missiles will fly after the 2014-15 period. But Esin said specifically about 2012. Most likely, in this case we are dealing with a phenomenon that is usually called a broken phone. Individual nodes newest missiles that must be tested during the R & D on the subject, can be completely made this year, but it is specifically the individual parts and assemblies, and not the present delivery system. As to the assembly of the entire rocket, it’s the next thing. SRC them. Makeev known thoroughness own projects and would be unlikely that much hurry.

The current picture in the media creation newest promising intercontinental ballistic missile languid class went quite fascinating. By commonplace in such matters of privacy and the gradual opening details Add unclear situation with terms that puts the whole picture upside down. Imposed itself concluded a lack of awareness of the 1st source disk imaging, but until official proof or refutation to start building a rocket this year was not. We can only expect new applications and new news. If the assembly work really begin this year, then soon they will tell us about them.

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