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Protection techniques and purification of bio alien energy-overlays are very relevant, since the presence of induced states prevents the full potential of their innate happiness. And such undesirable states can not always arise from the deliberate exposure. This occurs most often in situations of everyday communication, inevitably arises when energy-human interaction. Such interaction can be complementary and non-complementary ("complement" — a French word which literally means "addition".) If you are dealing with a person or a group of people and feel better mood, a burst of energy, clarity of mind and the same thing happens with your buddies, then it — signs of a complementary, ie the complementary interaction of energy. This is good and helpful, but when non-complementary interaction is reversed, and this communication should try to avoid.

Signs of non-complementary energy-exchange and energy of aggression against itself is easy to recognize. For this we need to consciously keep track of your feelings which will never cheat.

What kind of feelings and where they come from? It is clear that the physical body is experiencing the thrill of a physical impact on him. But surely there are times when the physical sensations arise in the body without any physical impact on him. For example, when dealing with the beautiful, whether it captivating music, poems or natural scenery, the skin can "run goose bumps." In this case, no physical contact with your physical body, no one was producing.

What does that mean? The fact is that the so-energy-interaction manifests itself at the level of our energy bodies.

In the etheric body in the subtle plane duplicated all organs and all functional systems of the body, including the organs of the senses. And it is precisely, our thin body, in this case essential responds to stimuli immaterial.

These little explanation required in order to make it clear that it is the etheric body reacts to the energy-invasion, causing certain physical sensations in the apparent absence of any physical impact. We list the most typical feelings that accompany aggression or energy vampirism.

Being at the presentation of one of the structures of network marketing and listening to a pep talk to the speaker, I felt very clearly that without a good reason, I have become a "burn" the top of the ears and have unpleasant tingling sensation on the surface of the head, in the head. During the break, I asked the people who invited me to this event, do not arise if they have similar experiences. It turned out, yes, exactly the same as mine.

In this case, using the described feeling manifests itself destructive, demonic energy zombiruyuschaya egregores. When interacting with egregors feelings arise specifically in the area of skull. It is very difficult to find words to describe them. Most people say that "bakes" in the back of his head, "compresses the head," "like a scraper spent on the head" and the like. When broken off ties with these demonic egregors on the surface of the head, usually on her side and back, you feel as if someone took it and gently pull her hair, and then let go. Some describe this feeling, "as if the head touched the breeze", "as if the scale has fallen off of me," etc.

In my practice was the case when I was approached by my old friend, a prosperous business woman. Things were going just great business successfully and consistently, and suddenly everything fell. There are no objective reasons for that were not. At the meeting, she began to complain of general fatigue, nervousness and uncertainty, and the fact that her life appeared chain troubles large and small. The driver squeezed her expensive car, then brought to its shops defective product and so on.

I offered to conduct a comprehensive cleansing her bio and energy recovery of its production areas. What's interesting is that we spent with her technique, aimed at cleansing it of alien bio energy-overlays, she suddenly at some point in this procedure, said, "Oh, something got away from the head", and after a while, "I Now again I feel ease! "

I was totally indifferent to how she described the sensation caused, above all, that they were both fall under the category of exemption from laces with destructive egregore. I told her about it and said. To which she said that the last ten days, she was heavily involved in the fate of his friend's son.

The problem lay in the fact that this young man was introduced to drugs. What does this addict to its business? It would seem, no. But the fact is that my client feel into the problem of his friend, spent a lot of time, energy and emotion, visiting with him a variety of institutions. This is her identification with someone else's problem, empathy in the distorted world of drug addicts involved in her devilish egregor. And the more she practiced strange problem, the more the emotions she gave this egregor. Egregor also very quickly established a liaison with her, and her life began to happen that with which she came to me and.

Naturally, the reader is of interest method of purification biofield, which we used — I'll describe it below and use it on your health.

Before moving to the description of sensations that accompany the energy-aggression, it is necessary to point out that recently opened a so-called energy-virus devil. What it is, as long as a little-known, but found that its implementation is in the area of the right temporal lobe and is accompanied by migraine headaches and feeling constantly laid ears. In this academic medicine does not diagnose any signs of illness ears.

The next sensation to be aware of — is "tired eyes" that occurs for no apparent reason. Through such wanton fatigue manifests itself in the eyes of most energy envy — one of the easiest household evil eye. Such feelings arise most often when dealing with those who consider themselves less fortunate than you.

Among other signs that accompany the introduction of alien vibration — wanton tickle in the nasopharynx, superficial and frequent coughing.

Further, during a conversation with someone can be a sense that the "sinking" or "turn to stone" cheekbones, muscles around the mouth. And to pronounce words clearly and distinctly, it is necessary to make efforts.

These feelings are usually accompanied by changes in the emotional background and mental activity. His head suddenly begins to think bad, confused thoughts, words are forgotten or it becomes very difficult to choose to express their thoughts. May become unreasonably sad, "was all tired and nasty."

With energy-invasion man is hard to describe its condition. People usually say: "I'm not myself," "Today, I'm something I'm not," and the like.

Aerobatics in sensation for those who openly clairsentience — it's a comfortable feeling, "current streams" in the blades. So manifested life-giving energy. This is the notorious mystic "living water." If you run these "streams", try to prolong these moments as much as possible. One of the trainees in the course of our "ABC", which takes place in my office, in the classroom always felt these life-giving flow of energy. When she asked, "What is it you do for a place such that I had something all the time" flows "in the area of the blades?", I explained that where she always sits in our classrooms, is the spatial sector of health, which activated by all the rules of esoteric sciences, and it is these energy flows it feels.

In this same part of the body (shoulders) may occur locally unpleasant "burning". It's a sign of the introduction of devastating destructive power.

Methods for emergency protection bio quite simple and do not require a lot of time. If you have identified a specific sense of what happened energy-invasion, according to classical recommendations, you should immediately (no later than 12 hours after the invasion), take a cool shower. However, practical experience has shown that the most effective douche, that is, alternating hot shower with a cold, cold finishing process.

There are other methods of emergency protection of bio-field. They are very effective if they also apply no later than 12 hours after the negative effects. If you feel tired eyes and discomfort in the throat and nasopharynx, as mentioned above, then get rid of these information overlays as follows. You need the matches and a glass filled with fresh water. You set yourself a glass, light a match and while it is lit, tracing it around his head and around the eyes or throat oscillates hand. When a match is impossible to keep, throw it into the glass. For the whole procedure will require nine matches. For full-vention, a burning match to circle himself around the contour of the body. After this is done using three small symbolic sip from this cup, and the water and its contents poured into the toilet and flushed. After ten or fifteen minutes all the unpleasant sensations disappear.

The following method, which is also very useful to learn — is "hand-washing in the flame of a candle." For this procedure, you will need a lit candle, and five minutes of time. Before you put on the table a lighted candle, the flame is brought up by her hands, and you begin to carry out cleaning of movement (hand washes), with the flame of a candle gently touches your hands. Wash them in a way to be carefully rubbing each toe. The effect of this action is explained as follows. Fire — this plasma state of matter, and our aura — is also a plasma, the fire — hot plasma, and the aura — the cold. But the similarity of these states allows them to interact with each other and negative energy is simply burned in the flame of a candle.

Why hands and not some other part of the body? It is important to know that our aura has a fractal nature, that is one subtle body accommodates itself to the other, like Russian nesting dolls. But in the palms aura changes its a fractal nature, whereby each energoobolochka "exposed" and directly interacts with the world. This basically explains the increased sensitivity of our hands, hands healers diagnose, cure hands, palms at predicting the future, hands can "see."

Description of the basic techniques of purification bio, and feelings associated with the release of alien Energy and overlays, will be given in the next publication. In the meantime, I invite interested persons to our one-day workshop "Extra protection bio", which will take place on February 14. The group meeting at 11 am on the ground near the restaurant "Kecskemet." If you should have practical work for 2-3 ecclesiastical tapers and one plain glass beaker. Tel. 22-49-62 for information.

The Secret Doctrine 3 (121) February 2004

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