Prudence: Metal Student transferred to prison and detention center in Tatarstan

In all institutions FPS Russian Republic of Tatarstan has modern stationary arched metal detectors, "Watch." A new generation of smart devices produced in Kazan and used to provide security at sporting venues during the XXVII World Summer Universiade in Kazan. Prison department they were transferred at no cost.


  Designed to detect weapons and other metal objects, a new type of metal detectors set up with the use of modern digital technology and reliable components. The devices are controlled using a tablet computer, ergonomic, easy to set up, does not require any special technical knowledge. 

  Unlike previous single-band model, a new generation of metal detectors have up to 21 detection zones, which allows a maximum precision to locate a metal object on the body. The device identifies the black and colored metal, is resistant to electromagnetic interference, has a wide operating temperature range from-25C to +50 C. Flexible configuration for different environments allows you to install up to 100 levels of sensitivity.

  — New metal detectors distributed throughout the colonies correctional and detention facilities of the republic and installed at security checkpoints at the entrance to the establishment and between residential and industrial areas — the head of the security department FPS Russia on RT Sergey. — The use of this highly sensitive equipment without doubt increase the efficiency to prevent sneaked into prisons prohibited items, including cell phones and sim-cards — summed up the colonel of internal service.

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