PSM upgraded marine drilling platform in Azerbaijan

At 70 km from the coast of the Caspian in Azerbaijan under a layer of water stored incredible amounts of oil. Every day, the surface rises 50 tons of black gold. And next door are built more new wells. Working on offshore drilling platforms buzzing 24 hours a day.

In late 2012, the Azerbaijani oil workers started a large-scale modernization. It was the first campaign to update the drilling technique in the history of the young state. OnPlant PSMnear Yaroslavl was to make9 diesel drive. Today, the project, which also includes installation and commissioning of the facility, fully completed. Propulsion systems, MSPs have already passed "baptism of fire" in the Caspian Sea. 

Set of drives based on engines Doosan provides all workflows rig three are mounted on the rotor and the winch, the remaining supply pumps. Benefits of PSM technology compared to legacy predecessors undeniable.

First, the actuators are equipped with PSMautomatic synchronization. One press of a button — and they give a necessary and an equal number of turns. This eliminates the need to manually using ropes to coordinate their work.

Second, due to the fact that a decision is made on the South Korean economic and reliable enginesDoosan,
PSM diesel drives a long service life. Guaranteed Overhaul beat least 30,000 hours. The consumption of fuel oil and a drive JMP obtained several times lower than the samples that were set on the platform used.

"PSM"— engineering company, the Russian leader in the design and manufacture of diesel generators, pump sets and power drivesPSM has repeatedly been implementing projects to replace worn-out engines on drilling rigs. We have extensive experience creating solutions for companies that build oil and gas wells, both in Russia and abroad. The last major project in this area — the modernization of the Azerbaijani drilling platform operating in the waters of the Caspian Sea. 9 diesel drives PSM collected on the basis of engine Doosan (South Korea), enables full operation of the oil rig. Experts PSM alone spent installation and commissioning of equipment at the facility

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