Psychics are struggling with traffic accidents




Fedyakin Ivan (

In order to prevent accidents Asbestos residents of the Sverdlovsk region have turned to psychics and ufologists.
The fact is that on the highway between asbestos and the village Reftinskiy been unreasonably high traffic fatalities. On average, one person is killed every month, most often cars collide head-on. The strange thing is that most "emergency" part of the track there are no prerequisites for the accident — good review, smooth fabric.

In an effort to unravel the mystery of the road, a few residents of Asbestos enlisted the help of psychics and alien hunters — ufologists. The "experts" just confirmed that "emergency" section there is a negative energy.

Representatives of the local traffic police rejected this cause accidents, claiming that all the fault of the drivers, the "New Region".


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