Ptitseholding Prioskolye has launched a plant for the production of disinfectants

Belgorod ptitseholding "Prioskolye" launched his own company for the production of disinfectants, LLC "Biovetzaschita" which is located on the basis of JSC "Plant premixes number one." 

"Biovetzaschita" intends to produce annually up to 1.2 tonnes of a new generation of disinfectants that are based on quaternary ammonium compounds and aldehydes as the main active ingredients. The funds are intended for different levels of disinfection and decontamination of surfaces, equipment, inventory, in laboratories, in the infectious foci and ambulance transport.

Every year there will be production of 400 million rubles. Local and regional budgets expect to receive annually from the company about 30 million rubles in taxes.

At present JSC "Prioskolye" creates on the basis of the factory premixed country's first plant for the production of lysine (Amino acid used in compound feed) capacity of 35 thousand tons per year. Total investment in the project will be about 7.5 billion rubles, of which 6 billion in loans allocated by Sberbank. It is planned that the company, which will close the needs of domestic agriculture in lysine by about 60%, will be launched in 2013.

JSC "Prioskolye" (main brands, in addition to "Prioskolye" — "Fly de Lunch," "Picnic with" Prioskolye, "" Chicken Symphony ") was founded in 2003. Combines, except poultry, processors and feed mills, as well as shopping house. Apart from the Belgorod region is developing a number of other subjects of the Federation, including in the Tambov region and Altai Krai. principal owner — businessman Gennady Bobritsky.

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