Pubic lice

Pubic lice

Pubic lice — animals contradictory. On the one hand, they can live for months in a state of suspended animation, finding themselves without a master, or rather its skin andhair. Can withstand pressures of up to 1.3 kg, to live under a 30-centimeter layer of sand 4 days and 2 days under water.

On the other hand, they do not suffer hunger: if blocked suddenly tear away from the body, the lice without food for 24 hours suddenly die. Furthermore, they are lazy, and soif cling tohair, do not peel off with him until his death. A good lice live and breed only at +30-38 ° C.

Scientists can not yet explain this selectivity, but pubic lice do not eat all people. But if the man seemed delicious, the insect instantly creeps on the causal place and clings three legs to one side of the body for hair. If try to tear louse from their homes, it is showing signs of life and even more clings to the hair, which is why you can remove it only with great difficulty and often with hair.

The epidemic of intimate lice

In Europe and the U.S., this disease really has reached epidemic proportions, and suffer from parasites are mainly young people. In Russia, according to recent statistics, up to 8% of the population of large cities are infected with pubic lice.

Strictly speaking, pubic Pediculosis is not quite sexually transmitted disease. Usually infected through sexual contact with lice, but you can pick up these parasites through bed linen and underwear, as well as in the baths, saunas, swimming pools and even in the solarium.

Prefer "ploschitsy" precisely the groin, because there are more of apocrine glands, which secrete a special pot with a strong, "animal" smell. But to dwell they can not only "out there", but also on the hips, torso, armpits. And if vymorit them from these places, the lice can crawl on his beard, mustache or eyelashes. It all depends on the degree of hairiness victim.

Guess he

See louse or nit very difficult. The fact that it is the smallest lice — 1-3 mm, and they are fastened near the base of the hair. But if you find the following symptoms, then it is time to grieve — you are the owner brood parasites.

  • Itch. First of all lice inject a substance that thins the blood and causes the characteristic itching.
  • Spots.After checking lice on the host's skin appear blue or shady spot with a diameter of 1 cm, which are rapidly disappearing. That or small hemorrhages, or a buildup of the salivary glands of pubic lice.
  • Black dots on thelinen. In the areas of underwear that come in contact with the groin area, there are small dark spots. This means that the lice have grown roots: spots — their waste products.
  • Blisters. Scratching of itchy places lead to the fact that there are red bumps, blisters and eczema.
  • Lice themselves. As the hair nits with the hairs are raised above the surface of the skin, they are easier to see. And the height of their location can be estimated how much they are "guests".

Fight to the death

Obviously, a regular shower with soap and water does not kill the lice and does not remove the nits. But do not be watered with kerosene, has modern facilities and trouble-free.

If a lot of hair — it is better to shave. This immediately eliminates many of the lice and nits and simplify the inspection of affected areas. To dissolve the adhesive holding the nits on hairs to wash with hot water and vinegar.

From the exterior of medicines in pharmacies offer gray mercury ointment, xylene, Nittifor with the active substance permethrin, French Pax spray. There are drugs such as phenylbutazone, which when taken orally make the blood toxic to lice. But they do not eliminate the parasite bites.

Dirty laundry should be boiled with a solution of baking soda 25-30 minutes to kill the nits that can live there another 6 days. Hot iron to iron clothes, especially the fold. And, most worryingly, screened for syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and other sexually transmitted diseases through. You never know whose blood sucking pests of these before?


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