Puffer fish habitat expands?

March 23, 2013. According to the publication Slobodna Dalmacija, poisonous fish was caught off the coast of the floor (Croatia). As is known, area habitat fugue is quite wide — it extends from the southern coast of China to the eastern islands of Oceania, as well as from the northern coast of Australia to Japan. But in the waters of the seas surrounding Europe, representatives of this kind never noticed.

It remains entirely unclear how fish, belonging to this family, blowfish, was able to get into the Adriatic sea. The study of this issue is now occupied by scientists from the University of Zagreb.

Fish fugu is considered one of the most poisonous of all the inhabitants of the seas and oceans. But distinguishes it from the total number that while it remains almost the most popular among Japanese gourmet delicacy.

To learn how to cook dishes from the puffer fish, the Japanese chefs learn traversed many years, after which they must pass a difficult exam and receive a special certificate.

However, cases of fatal poisoning after eating fugu dishes in Japan are not uncommon.

Source: News Gismeteo

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