Putin’s foreign agents, Russian money in Cyprus and the war in Syria

Putin's foreign agents, Russian money in Cyprus and the war in SyriaRussian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with the German channel ARD on why the crisis in Cyprus is good for Russia, who scares the public "raids" on NGOs and the head of state plans to do if the leave politics.

The first question of the journalist made the head of state to laugh. The correspondent said that in Germany with concern the "raids" in the offices of non-profit organizations, which are held in the regions of Russia. The interviewer suggested that the public must have intimidated and asked, "Why are you doing this? '.

"That you're scaring the public. Nothing like this happens, do not scare people. It is necessary to report the news objectively ", — Putin said, calling the journalist did not stick alarmist position in the coverage of this topic, scaring the audience" raids "and" confiscation ".

The conversation lasted about an hour, during which time participants had time to touch on issues of foreign and domestic policy of Russia, economic relations between Germany and Russia.


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