RadioAstron got a tracking station in the U.S.

    The signals of the Russian space station Spektr-R on-board space observatory RadioAstron will now be taken yet another tracking station and receive information held by American Observatory Grinbenk. The document was signed by the representatives of these days Lebedev Physical Institute Astro Space Center — leading research organization RadioAstron project, and the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, USA Grinbenk (Green Bank, National Radio Astronomy Observatory, NRAO).


  • radioteleskop spektr-r
  • radioteleskop spektr-r


    To date scientific information from the Russian telescope could take only one tracking station, located in the suburban Pushchino. Therefore, since more than half the time RadioAstron is out of sight of the station, researchers can not use these periods for observation and the machine remains idle.


    "The scientific data we can only accept live. Due to the fact that the station alone, the telescope is available to us only 40% of the time, This is quite enough to meet the challenges of our early research program. However, in mid-2013, we proceed to address key scientific challenges, and so at this point we desired to increase the amount of available observing time" Yu.Kovalev said.


    To this he added that at the design stage of the project foresaw the telescope guide that will be necessary to receive information stations outside Russian territory, and had already held talks with foreign counterparts.  

    The largest telescope observatory Grinbenk, located in the state of West Virginia, has an antenna diameter of 100 m, but the relationship with the other radio astronomer will keep the telescope with a 43-meter antenna. American colleagues expect to begin receiving data from the Russian space telescope after the New Year.

    According Yu.Kovaleva, in the United States need to send a Russian radio equipment that is identical to the one installed at the station in Pushchino. This equipment is unique Russian design. Project participants RadioAstron expect in the near future to equip another tracking station in South Africa.

    On the received information, the test board to restore the transmitting antenna to the station RadioAstron Grinbenk and receiving its signal 43-meter antenna held since November 2012 year and are successful. This gives us confidence that the input of the station is realized fast enough.

    Funding for tracking station Grinbenk carries Roscosmos.


/ 21.12.2012 /  According to the materials ANI "LPI-Inform"

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