Radiological center in Tyumen took its first patients on admission


On the territory of the medical campus Patrushev started another clinic. Radiological Centre today received its first patients in the hospital who will pass radionuclide therapy. In the huge building of radiological center occupied until just a few houses. Hospitalized patients started on Monday morning. 

The main indications — cancer. The very next day after being hospitalized the first time they will radiopharmaceuticals. 


Patients with cancer and endocrine disorders no longer need to go for treatment in other regions and, especially abroad. From Moscow to Tyumen quickly deliver the necessary radiopharmaceuticals. And those that are required for the diagnosis, soon begin to produce on the spot, at the cyclotron in the radiological center. This is not even in Obninsk, where he was up and running first in Russia radiological center

If all goes according to plan, the production of radiopharmaceuticals will establish in April. So, about 1,500 patients-residents of the Tyumen region, Yugra and Yamal, will be able to be diagnosed, and later, possibly, treatment of radiological center in Tyumen.


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