Rain paralyzed the airport in Ecuador


2.08.11.Prodolzhitelny heavy rain, accompanied by lightning, which erupted over Quito yesterday evening until late at night, triggered flooding in several areas of the city.

Residents of the capital of Ecuador also complained about the cold penetrating to the bone — the last weeks or even months in the mountainous part of the country a similar phenomenon in the evenings and at night has become a routine. Capital International Airport Mariscal Sucre for an hour (18:00 to 19:00) to suspend its operations, eliminating the booms and landing. Airline Aerogal premises were flooded — the water level rose by 40 cm

The rain started in Quito at about 16:00, and in 17:30, according to the fire department began to receive the first reports of flooding, mostly due to debris clogged gutters. Such weather with significant rainfalls are in Ecuador's capital since last week, despite the fact that Sierra is usually the height of the dry summer.

Source: Ecuador today

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