Rehabilitation Centre of Inclusive Education

On the eve of the Feast of the Baptism of the chairman of the regional council Eugene Hoopoe pupils visited the regional training and rehabilitation center remedial work and inclusive education, where they study 235 children with hearing and speech.

Worldwide, people with disabilities are active participants in life. After all, a person's worth does not depend on his ability or achievement. All people feel and think the same way. All people need each other, need the support of all. First and foremost, it concerns children. These are the main principles of inclusive education, whose mission — to build a system that meets the needs of each child, customizable for each child's educational process.

Eugene Hoopoe inspected classrooms, rooms for medical rehabilitation and self-Surdo speech therapy work. This center is one of the best schools for children with special needs in the Dnipropetrovsk region. There are all conditions for the full development of the person and obtain a full secondary education.

— The main principle of our President Viktor Yanukovych is the best interests of the child as high, in all matters affecting him or her. In particular this applies to children who need special attention. In our region, much work aimed at improving the quality of life of these children. The complex system of social adaptation of teaching children and youth with special needs. To every child, every young person feel full member of society — said Eugene Hoopoe.

Inclusive education — is a useful way of culture to the culture of the dignity of the human person, regardless of her health, gender, ethnicity and social status. In our region have already created 59 basic schools of inclusive education, staffed by the best teachers in the region. And this center — one of them — said Eugene Hoopoe.

Chairman of the Regional Council spoke to the students and gave them places holiday gifts.


For efficient operation of educational and rehabilitation center of the regional budget in 2012 was allocated nearly one million hryvnia, which was due to a major overhaul of the second and third floors and domestic heating systems academic building. In addition, another 9 mln. the budget has been allocated for the purchase of food, medicine, energy and paying staff salaries institution.

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